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Below you’ll find links to cloth diaper reviews and other miscellaneous posts about cloth diapers and related products. I hope you’ll discover some fun or interesting information useful to you!

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  1. Many mothers tell me that their child can uriniate up to 3 times before they change the disposable because they hold so much. Yes. Disposable is changed less often and that is when bacteria is building up. Cloth does not have your child sitting in urine. If cloth is wet the skin is breathing preventing rash. Cloth makes the child more aware of their body. They alert you to more diaper changes as opposed to cloth when they are unaware. Cloth diapers today are absorbent and convenient. They allow the childs skin to breath. The materials in disposables suck the natural oils out of baby’s skin and causes more rash. Do the research. cloth is wonderful. I work full time and go to school and still manage to cd. It can be done. disposables take 500 years to decompose. Cloth is fine for travel. Use liners to flush waist and use a zippered wet bag. There are also flushable gdiapers for travel as well

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