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When I came across Diapers by Chris, I was excited to see how comfy Chris’s diapers look and the cute prints she has available. She has quite a few diaper prints and designs that I haven’t seen before. After checking out her Facebook page and Web site, an “Avengers” fitted diaper caught my eye. One of my son’s middle names is Thor, so I asked Chris if she could make him a “Thor” diaper. She said she would look for fabric, and she found some!

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Chris began sewing cloth diapers after her daughter was born. Like many of us, she was concerned about the negative impact disposables have on our environment.

All of her diapers are sewed with fabrics like natural bamboo, hemp, cotton, and fleece. Although she can make perfect-size or newborn-size diapers, many of her premade diapers are one-size, fitting approximately 12-35 lbs. Chris also offers several styles: fitteds, hybrid fitted, all-in-one, and all-in-two.

The Thor diaper is a fleece one-size fitted diaper with layers of fleece on the outside and inside. Also included were two soakers: large and small. Chris sent a handwritten note with the diaper. In it, she explained some laundering instructions as well as information about the diaper specifically. She also thanked me for my purchase. I thought this was a very nice, personal touch.

The diaper is about 6″ wide at the narrowest part. The size is very customizable, since there are three rows of snap adjustment for the rise and ten snaps at the waist/hip.

 To give you an idea on size, the back of this fitted diaper measures 15″ from wing to wing, fully stretched. The front measures about 10 1/2″ from wing to wing.

A BumGenius pocket diaper measures 15 1/2″ from wing to wing (fully stretched) at the back. The front measures just over 11″ from wing to wing.

A TotsBots Bamboozle fitted diaper measures 16″ at the back with the wings full stretched and 9 3/4″ at the front.

(Note: Measurements are approximate. I’m not an expert measurement taker person.)

The small soaker is 12″ long and 3 3/4″ wide. It’s made with bamboo fleece and topped with bamboo velour. The large soaker is about 14 1/4″ long and 4 3/4″ wide. The large soaker is also made with bamboo fleece but topped with crushed panne. Both soakers are very soft, but the bamboo velour feels silkier than the panne.

My experiences with the diaper:

My son wears this diaper on the lowest rise setting. He’s 4 months and 17 lbs. in the photo below. He still has a lot of room to grow in this diaper. I’ve been able to get a good, snug fit around the legs with this diaper.

I was skeptical at first of how well fleece would work, since it’s the first fleece diaper in our stash. I thought the fleece would get soaked quickly, and I’d have to change him for sure after a couple hours in the diaper.

Yeah, I was really wrong about that! I now absolutely love fleece as a diaper fabric! After about 3 hours in the diaper without a cover, the outer fleece wasn’t even feeling damp. I took my son to the change table anyway. When I opened up his diaper, the soakers were wet, but the fleece diaper was still completely dry. The larger soaker wasn’t completely soaked yet, either, and could’ve held more pee. I tossed the soakers in our diaper pail, and stuck a doubler inside…snapped the diaper back up, and good to go for another 3 hours! After that (we were approaching 6 hours total with the diaper at this point), the fleece was starting to feel just a little tiny bit damp.

The next time I tried this diaper on my son, the plan was to use it without the soakers, so I could have a genuine idea of how long it would be before this diaper would start to feel really wet. Unfortunately, my son thwarted my plans by pooping in it several minutes after putting the diaper on him. No matter. Now I can attest that the diaper holds poo in!

I tried this diaper again on my son without the soakers, but I did put a diaper cover over top. The front of this diaper started to feel wet after an hour, but the back still felt dry. It feels like the diaper has more layers of fleece in the back, due to the “Thor” print, so that is probably why.

Fast forward a few times. I’ve used this diaper with the soakers and without a cover on my son every couple of days for the last two weeks. The soakers take longer to dry than the diaper, but that’s to be expected, since they’re made with bamboo.

This diaper and the soakers are holding up, they appear to be well-constructed. They are soft and definitely do the job.

Want a Diaper by Chris of your own? You could win one! Chris will be sponsoring a prize for the Hoppin’ Halloween Giveaway Hop Oct. 25-31 right here on My Life: A Work in Progress. Stay tuned for the giveaway in just a few short weeks! Can’t wait? Buy your own! =) Check out Diapers by Chris on Facebook and her store!

Note: I purchased the item reviewed above. I was not compensated for this review. The opinions are my own.


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  1. Thank you so much for that wonderful review. I am glad that it worked as well, or better than expected! Being able to construct a custom request was really fun! And, seeing it on was even better! Just a follow up note as to sizing: this diaper was purchased prior to the changes that were made to my pattern. I am now in the process of testing a diaper that will fit smaller sizes, as well as changing the placement of leg elastic for a better fit. Thank you again for taking the time to review this for me. If anyone else is interested in a custom like Elisabet, please check me out!

  2. Seems like she has a great variety to the diapers she offers. We have never used fleece before, but it makes since that it would dry fast. I’ve heard it’s a great alternative to wool because it’s cheaper. That is awesome that it comes with two soakers.

  3. How fun to have someone make these for you so you can have custom ones made!! It would be fun to have cloth diapers personalized with names and things like that to, I bet. I’ve always wanted to try cloth diapers but haven’t been brave enough yet with two babies i’m afraid of the extra laundry and mess.

  4. I am wondering what the special care instruction said. I have tried to make my own fleece diaper and messed them up.

    1. She suggested drying the diaper with a dryer sheet, since dryer sheets negate wicking properties of fleece. This means the diaper is even more likely to repel moisture back into the diaper and the soakers. I haven’t tried it yet (I keep forgetting), but I need to!

    2. Kara, I just finished another fleece dipe for my daughter to use as well. I put it in her overnight with a prefold inside and it was awesome! I had zero leaks, comoression or otherwise, and no red marks on legs or bum. I plan to wash this dipe with my others, or even with her clothing. Fleece washes so easily! And yes, the dryer sheet is supposed to helo with repelling(but I havent tried it yet either). As with all cloth, remember to rinse well, removing all soap residue to avoid a red bum!

  5. Thank you for the review! I was wondering how fleece holds up and after reading this will give one a try. Super cute diaper!!

  6. I love that Chris sends a note with the diapers!! One of my favorite things about handmade diapers is how much care goes into making each diaper special!!

  7. Awesome review! I am hoping to try some cloth diapers in the very near future. I have 3 children in my house now, with a 4th on the way (due in April) and I could definitely use the break financially of cloth diapers as well as to help the environment!

  8. Great review! See now that’s what about wahm made diapers. She went out of her way to search for “Thor” fabric. Regular big companies won’t do that. To me that is what MAKES wahm diapers so special. The love and time that goes into them. Adding the handwritten thank you note is just extra proof that that.

  9. I picked up a couple fleece covers on consignment and was skeptical about how well they would work but I too was surprised how well they held in the wetness.

  10. I’ve tried fleece diaper covers (made by me) and they didn’t work great. I’d love to try again though. Perhaps Chris uses a better quality fleece. I love bamboo and I want some bamboo diapers because they’re so soft!

  11. Thank you for the review! I haven’t seen a fleece diaper in person before, but it sounds like a great product, especially with the bamboo inserts! It all looks so soft to be so long lasting 🙂

  12. I didn’t know that fleece was an option for diapers, which is awesome because it comes in so many cute prints!

  13. Located in beautiful Bend, Ore., ‘Poodelum & Missy Kate’ began on the far end of my enormous kitchen table with my sister’s borrowed sewing machine.

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  14. I really like that there are two soakers and that laundering instructions are included!

    sandysaveseveryday AT gmail DOT com

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