LunchBots stainless steel container

Today I want to talk about this little stainless steel container by the LunchBots brand. If you haven’t already read it, check out my post about going plastic-free in school lunches. This post is NOT sponsored. I’ve never been in contact with LunchBots, but I am including an Amazon affiliate link in this post.

We’ve been using this little LunchBots container in Little J’s school lunches for almost a year, and it’s holding up just fine. It still looks brand new, actually. Since I work full time, Little J goes to summer school June-August, so we have used this 8oz stainless steel container A LOT.

I buy a glass jar of apple sauce and then divvy up individual portions for Little J, using this container. In this photo I’ve put a plastic individual apple sauce container next to his LunchBot container, so you can see the size.












It’s leak proof, which is a huge plus. We usually use it for apple sauce or yogurt. This container isn’t insulated, but along with an ice pack in his lunch bag, the apple sauce or yogurt stays cool until lunch or his mid-morning snack time. LunchBots does also sell thermal containers, and this particular container is dishwasher safe.


Little J is still able to open it on his own, even though I always screw it on tight. I’m sure that’s a plus for his teachers since they don’t have to help him!

Anyway, it’s simple, but it works! Is there a stainless steel container you use in your kiddos’ lunch boxes and really love? Share below in the comments!

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