Going (almost) plastic-free with school lunch containers


This school year we’ve started using plastic-free school lunch containers. On Fridays, Little J gets pizza from the school, but other than that, he takes a lunch to school every day. I had been sending food in BPA-free plastic containers to be heated in the microwave in the lunchroom, but this summer the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended parents stop microwaving and dishwashing plastic containers including BPA-free plastic containers. The concern is that heating plastics increases the chance of dangerous chemicals leaching into food. The recommendation also covered food additives, but you can read it for yourself here.

After reading that, I decided I needed to avoid plastics touching Jeremiah’s food as much as possible. Unless I start growing my own crops, I don’t know how I can possibly complete avoid plastics (just look around the grocery store), but I’m reducing our use as much as possible, and I’m definitely avoiding heating his food in plastic containers and avoiding putting his food in plastic containers that have gone through the dishwasher.

I did some research online, and when replacing plastic, most people turn to silicone, glass or stainless steel, so this is where I also focused my attention.


I was going to write one post with all of the products we use, but I decided it would be an insanely long post, so I’m going to write and release them one at a time.

There are many more products out there (please share them in the comments!), but the products listed below are the ones we’ve used. Please note that I paid for all of these products myself. The reviews I’m going to post are not sponsored.

The products we’ve ended up using for Little J’s food are the:

*The inside of the Planet Wise bag does have EVA on the inside; read my review for more information on this.

Do you use any non-plastic food containers for your children’s lunches? If so, what do you use? How do you like it?

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