Jun 202015
A Family Outing: The National Aquarium (Baltimore)

Hello, blog! I missed you. Want to visit the National Aquarium? To start with I want to point out that the National Aquarium is in Baltimore, not DC. I’ve run across quite a few people who were unaware of this. There USED TO BE a national aquarium in DC, but Read More

Jan 162015
Fitness Friday: The Game On! Diet

Several of my co-workers invited me to participate in a weight loss challenge called the Game On! Diet. Since going back to work, I’ve struggled with eating as healthy as I’d like to and finding the time to exercise. This challenge seemed like a great way to get me back Read More

Dec 182014
Back up and posting again!

As you can see, I haven’t posted in two months. I was having technical issues with my blog, which have finally been resolved. It was bugging me to go so long without posting! I have a list of posts to go up, and hopefully I can start rolling them out before Read More