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I’m still here and posting as often as I can! Maybe this year I can even manage a post or two a week. I can always hope…

When my son was a newborn, I started blogging as a creative outlet. I wasn’t used to being at home all day long, and blogging helps me stay sane! It’s fun, and I continue to utilize the skills I’ve gained working as a public affairs specialist in the Army Reserve and as a teacher. I enjoy sharing my life experiences with others, and I also love to review time-tested and innovative products that make life easier for moms!

I prefer to categorize myself as a “lifestyle” blogger rather than “mommy” blogger, since being a mom doesn’t define all that I am. You’ll find my blog covers numerous topics: parenting/motherhood, military-life, fitness, baby, family, food, cloth diapers, DIY, eco-friendly products, product reviews, giveaways, and more.

One feature I’ve been working on is a “Family Outing” page. The Hampton Roads area (where we used to live) is home to numerous military installations: Naval Station Norfolk, Naval Air Station Oceana, Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story, and several more. With so many military families constantly moving into the area, I thought it might be helpful to others if I listed family-friendly places to visit, and so the Family Outing posts began. Over time, I’ve expanded those posts to include the DC/Maryland area, even Pennsylvania and Orlando…basically, anywhere we get the chance to travel!

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      1. Your extra hands haven’t come in yet? Eventually you get to the point where it certainly seems like you’ve grown an extra pair. Then just wait till your “baby” is getting ready to go away for college or your oldest is buying his first house – then those extra pair of hands don’t seem all that important anymore. Trust me some how, some way you will get everything that is important done … Somehow it all works out.

  1. I totally understand the whole workaholic-to-mom-aholic scenario! It’s been 5 years since I stopped working and started being a full time stay at home mom. If only I knew then what I know now! The fact that my husband is an active duty Marine also keeps us all on our toes! Twice, i’ve traveled half way across the country pregnant to get to our new duty station. It wasn’t easy! This third baby was the only birth my husband was able to experience..just in the nick of time too! God bless you, and may you prosper in your business! It’s not easy, but then again, no one ever said life was easy! Every day is a challenge, but what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger!

    1. That’s so sad that your husband wasn’t there for the first 2 births! J got home from deployment 2 weeks before baby J was born, so I guess they both had good timing! I would’ve been heartbroken if he hadn’t made it, I think. I’m glad your hubby made it to the last one at least!

  2. Being a SAHM is such a change for me too. Now that my son is 15 months I am starting to get the hang of it. We are finding things to do outside the house and I am trying to start being more crafty….except he wants to “help” with everything I do!

  3. I’m a work-at-home-mom, and it is tough doing my full time job at home, blog full time and be a great mom and good wife. I have a special wonder-cape in my closet for particularly challenging days 😉

  4. Hello! I found your blog through Picket Fence Blogs. I’m the mother of a toddler and it is truly an amazing and blessed experience. I love every minute of it. I’m looking forward to following your blog from this point forward!


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