A patriotic golf cart parade

My parents moved earlier this year to a wonderful Christian retirement community in Florida. I’ve been here all week with Little J and my MIL (who came along to visit and check out the community), just relaxing and enjoying the weather, the quiet, and the palm trees. But on July 4th, Little J and I participated in a community golf cart parade!

My parents and I have been discussing for months what we’d decorate the golf cart as, and once we decided on a Blue Angels jet theme, my mom and dad bought the necessary materials. We put everything together Monday and Tuesday, so the cart was ready to go Wednesday morning for the parade.

We made everything from foam, poster board, tarps, spray paint, a 2×4 plank of wood, mini bungee cords, and lots of tape.Little J wore a flight suit and sunglasses and yelled “Hooyah Navy!” all along the route while I drove. It was adorable. He won an Olive Garden gift card out of it, which we weren’t expecting, so that made it extra fun for him.

My mom and I have already started thinking about what we should do next year- maybe a Navy submarine or destroyer? What do you think?

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    1. The wings are built in a 2 by 4 plank that is balanced across the golf carts eat. We sat on the 2 by 4 while we were driving, so our weight helped keep the wings balanced. The tarp on the front was held on with a bungee cord, and I actually don’t remember how we attached the tail on the back. That may have been with a bungee cord as well.

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