Your bra is showing.

Guess what?! It was raining this morning while I did the cloth diaper laundry, and then this afternoon the sun and wind came out and it turned into a gorgeous day! Of course. Sooo instead of using the dryer, I could’ve just waited until afternoon. Or checked the weather report. That also would’ve worked.

But Mr. Stinky Pants and I took advantage of the lovely weather and took a walk to the grocery store. He did really well! He does love his carrier. I wanted a Beco, but hubby insisted on getting a Baby Bjorn. Anyway, Mr. Stinky Pants loves looking out. Even when he was a newborn, he wanted to look out, not snuggle against momma. Today he was wearing this cute little wide-brimmed hat with an elastic that goes underneath his chin to hold it on. Well, at the grocery store, I noticed that people kept looking at him. I figured it was because he’s just so darn cute. “Look at that cute baby!” After a while, I used the reflection of glass in the refrigerator section to check on him and make sure he was doing okay. The poor kid’s hat had twisted halfway around, and the elastic ran right across his face, in between his eyes, and over his nose. Ohhhhhh, THAT’s why people were staring at us. “Look at that jacked up baby!”

So then we stopped to get a smoothie on the way home. Because they’re delicious.

Smoothie = Delicious

Mr. Stinky Pants did really well. The grocery store and Tropical Smoothie were really busy, and the roads had a lot of traffic. I was concerned that he would either get scared or overstimulated, and either way start crying. But he didn’t! My good big boy! 🙂

We were almost all the way home when I realized that the weight of Mr. Stinky Pants against my shirt had actually yanked my tank top forward and down, so the entire sides of my bra cups were showing on both sides. Oops. At least it was my “cute” nursing bra instead of my ugly, large, my-breastus-are-bigger-than-I’m-used-to nursing bras.

Ok, returning to this post hours later. Mr. Stinky Pants is being so fussy!!!!!!! Remind me again how I’m going to miss this stage?? Anyway, I probably won’t have time to finish my BumGenius review tonight.

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