A homecoming, Daddy Dolls, and smiles all around

So Hubby came back Thursday from a week at sea. It was just a week, so I know that’s not a big deal (trust me, I know), but it was the longest J’s been gone since Baby J was a newborn. J was gone for most of Baby J’s first 2 months, but Baby J was too young to care then. He just wanted mommy and milk. This time, Baby J started getting ornerier and ornerier after the first couple of days. Strangely, he was actually sleeping well, and the last two nights (now that J is back), he’s been waking up a lot. 🙁

Waiting for Daddy inside the car- it was cold outside!

When Daddy walked up to the car, Baby J just had a huge grin and laughed and laughed…it was so precious to see. He put his little arms around J’s neck, and I just melted. I don’t know if there’s anything better than seeing the love your little family has for each other.

Daddy keeps interesting stuff in his console.
Daddy keeps interesting stuff in his console.

Hubby will be gone for a bit pretty much every month now, preparing for deployment and our homeport shift to Spain. All in all, the time he’ll be underway really isn’t that bad. I’m very thankful for that.

I’m planning on purchasing a “Daddy Doll” for Baby J to remember his Daddy by when J’s gone.

Are you a military family? Does your little one have a Mommy or Daddy Doll? How do they like it?
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  1. Thanks for sharing! I think a Daddy doll or something like that would be great. My son carried his dad’s picture around, well quite a few as he’d slobber them or put them in the sink or dig bowl lol. I wish you well on his trips.

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