Seeking Fitness Friday bloggers!

Okay, when I reached and surpassed my post-baby weight loss goal (see the before and after photos here), I said I was done writing Fitness Friday posts. But the truth is I enjoy the accountability; it’s motivating; and I like the camaraderie I get reading other bloggers’ posts on the same subject.

I’m at a newer stage than I was even at the beginning of this past summer. Now I’m concentrating on toning, specifically my abs and butt (I feel weird typing “butt,” however there are no good alternatives- posterior, booty, and hiney don’t sound any better. Bum sounds like something my mother would say, and derriere is just out of place on my blog). Anyway…

I also want to build arm muscle. My arms are very sad and limp. I’ve never had a strong upper body, but maybe I can change that a little. If you didn’t already know, I’m training for a half marathon in April. My running buddy and I are already pretty much ready for the half, so I’d like to kick it up a notch in January. At some point after the half, I want to run a full. That will be my 2014 fitness goal.

Do you hate running? Me too! That’s why I’m running the half. I was tired of despising running. Why not face the challenge head on and conquer it? So that’s what I’m doing.

Finally, my husband and I want more children, and I’m determined this time to be in shape before pregnancy and stay working out during pregnancy. I think I may have a shorter and easier delivery (I hope, anyway), and perhaps I won’t gain too much weight next time.

1. Now that I’ve established my goals, do you know of a Fitness Friday blog link-up? The bloggers I was doing Fitness Friday with previously are no longer doing it, and I’d really like to join a group again!

2. If you don’t know of one, but you’re a blogger…are you interested in joining one if I start a group?

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    1. Hi Jessica, thanks for letting me know! Someone else sent me info about a fitness group, so I’ll see what pans out. Would you like me to email you if I find out anymore info?

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