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Did you catch my review on Juice in the Box? PURE glass bottles are designed by the same company, and they sent me one of their bottles to review, along with the Juice in the Box.

PURE glass bottle- doesn't shatter when dropped. Find out more on My Life: A Work in Progress

What’s unique about PURE glass bottles is the design that makes them safe if dropped. The bottles are made from borosilicate glass, that can withstand high impacts. If the glass does break, the safe-shell coating keeps the glass shards contained, so there’s a drastically less chance of injury. There’s less clean-up too! The bottle is 100 percent recyclable, so if it breaks, you can toss the entire bottle into a recycling container.

The wide mouth of this bottle allows you to add ice, fruit wedges, and other flavoring. The wideness also makes it easy to clean. I’ve taken my PURE glass bottle everywhere:

PURE glass bottle at Busch Gardens- My Life: A Work in Progress
PURE glass bottle at Busch Gardens
PURE glass bottle at orchestra rehearsal- My Life: A Work in Progress
PURE glass bottle at orchestra rehearsal
PURE glass bottle goes for a jog- My Life: A Work in Progress
PURE glass bottle goes for a jog (just don’t balance it precariously inside the stroller hood!)

I had no intention of testing the shatter-proof ability of my PURE glass bottle, but I accidentally did. It was dropped a couple of times inside our home, on the kitchen linoleum and living room carpet (I have a toddler, it happens). The bottle survived each time, no problem. And then…

My husband actually came running with me one evening, and he ended up putting the jogging stroller in my car trunk for me, after we were finished. Well, I had my PURE glass bottle in the folded up stroller hood (I keep stuff in the hood all the time). Later that day I couldn’t find the PURE bottle, but figured it’d show up soon. It never occurred to me that the bottle was inside the stroller. A couple of days later, I was opening up the stroller to go jogging, and wouldn’t you know? The PURE glass bottle fell right out of the hood and onto the cement. Booooooo!

But the safe-shell coating worked! Not only did the bottle not shatter everywhere, the outside was still smooth to the touch. I could NOT feel any cracks, bumps, etc., on the outside. I’m sad that my bottle is gone, but happy that I was able to inadvertently test out all of the company’s claims!

PURE glass bottle won't shatter if dropped! My Life: A Work in Progress
Cracked on the inside, but the outside is completely smooth!

The bottle I received currently retails for $24.95, so it’s not the most inexpensive reusable bottle out there. But I have to say, this bottle is really elegant and sleek, and it’s glass (see below why that matters). I think the PURE glass bottle would make a lovely gift for someone (or for yourself). Also, if you buy two bottles, shipping is free to US and Canada.

So why choose glass?

Glass vs Plastic

To purchase and to learn more about PURE, including the history of glass and private label options, visit the following links:

PURE website | PURE glass bottle on Facebook | Precidio Design on Twitter | PURE glass bottle on Pinterest

Where would you take your PURE glass bottle?

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  1. I would like to try something like that. I just posted a picture on facebook of a bottle that fell out of my fridge last week. I’m still finding tiny pieces of glass. I think I was more mad about losing my wine than I was having glass in my foot but still… lol

  2. This would definitely save me a lot of money on bottled water. We have hard water in our area so we cant drink the tap.

  3. This bottle is so much more stylish than the Nalgene bottles! I also love that it is recyclable. But, I would somehow be afraid of it slipping through my hands because it is so slender and made of glass. Also the crack on the inside would still scare me …. but, it might be worth a shot!

  4. I LOVE this! If you saw how many plastic water bottles that my family went thru on a weekly basis, you would be shocked. I’d love to get one for each of my kids!

    1. That is a risk! At least if you drop it, you know it wouldn’t break all over the place. I think it’d be nice if Precidio came out with some sort of protective cover that you could slip over the glass. That part wouldn’t be as environmentally friendly, but maybe it would encourage more people to buy glass bottles instead of plastic bottles!

  5. I didn’t realize how much easier it is to recycle glass! I’m glad that I’ll be receiving a glass bottle to review soon. Hopefully I’ll have the same results!

    1. Refilling them is good! I forget my reusable shopping bags a lot and end up with plastic bags. When I do that I either try to recycle them or I reuse them as trash bags, etc. Reusing is always good, in my book =D

  6. This is such a better choice than the plastic ones I keep purchasing. I am not kidding that I am replacing water bottles on average about twice a week, because they seem to start leaking at the seems. I love that I am not the only one that does that special balancing act of water bottles and strollers. It goes 50-50 for me if they fall or not. But never have I had one actually be able to hold water afterwards, especially cracked. This product is ingenious in my eyes. Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Hi Danelle, I just want to clarify (because reading your comment, I’m not sure my post was clear), the cracks are on the inside, but the glass still can’t be used afterwards. But the bottle is recyclable! But yes, it can still hold water afterwards (just don’t drink from it!).

  7. This looks like a great Christmas present for ME! 🙂 I hate how much waste my family creates by using plastic bottles, not to mention the chemical effects from plastic that I really dislike. I would love to invest in bottles like these for all of us.

  8. Thank you for your honest review. It is a great idea to reduce wasted bottles but I was wondering how it would be on the hikes that our family takes. I think these would work but obviously would need to be replace if it was dropped. Thanks again!

  9. I have seen these, and I definitely have it on my “wish list!” I would take it everywhere! I absolutely love the concept that it is glass yet protected by the shell! So awesome!

  10. I love the background on your blog! I also am going to look into getting my husband this as a stocking stuffer. He has been looking for a nice glass bottle to take to work.

    1. Hi Farrah, thank you! I keep thinking maybe I should change my background or get a new blog theme for a change, but it took me so long to find a background I like, maybe I shouldn’t mess with it! This is a very classy bottle, so I think it’d look great at your hubby’s work!

  11. I love the idea behind this water bottle! I love the fact that it is reusable, glass and shatter-proof (outwardly anyway). I could definitely see incorporating this into our busy life!

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