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I came across Juice in the Box while researching reusable cups (I think we’ve established my reusable-container-obsession by now), and they agreed to send me one to review. Woo hoo! I love the idea for a few reasons:

Juice in the Box allows parents to tailor exactly what they want their child to drink for school lunches, etc., and it looks cool enough that kids will actually like drinking from it. The square shape also fits well inside lunch boxes. I also like that you can see what is inside Juice in the Box. A downside to throwaway juice cartons from the store is that you can’t see what your child is actually drinking. There could potentially be lots of yuckies! Finally, the reusable aspect is awesome, because it means less waste on landfills.

Juice in the Box- reusable and dishwasher safe. Read the review on My Life: A Work in Progress

Sold by Precidio Design, Juice in the Box currently comes in four colors: pink, blue, red, orange, and green. With a spill-proof design, each Juice in the Box is 5.25″ high, 2.25″ wide, and 1.5″ deep. These boxes are made from nearly indestructible Tritan and are BPA and Phthalate free. Each container holds eight ounces of liquid, and they’re dishwasher safe. See HERE for an infographic with the products specifications.

Baby J loves his Juice in the Box and has used it to drink juice, milk, and water. I think he likes that it doesn’t look at all like any of his sippy cups. The uniqueness seems to interest him, because he’ll choose the Juice in the Box over one of his other cups. It’s been easy to clean in the dishwasher.

UPDATE- 11/14/13A reader asked about how well it keeps from spilling, and I can’t believe I forgot to address that! When the lid is closed, it pinches the straw, so liquids can’t come out. Baby J has dropped the box several times, and no liquid has leaked out. However, if the lid isn’t closed and you drop the box, liquid will come out through the straw.

Juice in the Box comes apart into four pieces, which is nice to get it clean. The box currently retails for $11.99, and a replacement kit with straws, spout, and seal is sold for $5.99. Juice in the Box has worldwide shipping.

Juice in the Box- reusable and dishwasher safe. Read the review on My Life: A Work in Progress
When the lid’s closed, it pinches the straw, making Juice in the Box virtually spillproof in your lunchbox!
Juice in the Box- reusable and dishwasher safe. Read the review on My Life: A Work in Progress
Yes, that’s a pile of clean cloth diaper laundry behind Baby J.

Keep an eye out for my upcoming Pure Glass Bottle review, also courtesy of Precidio Design. You can follow Precidio at the links below:

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If you had a Juice in the Box, what would you use it for?

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    1. If it’s closed and you drop it, it doesn’t leak. At least ours doesn’t. The lid stays on very tightly. The way the lid is designed, when you close it, it actually pinches the straw, keeping liquids from leaking out. Now if the lids not on and you drop it…then liquid is going to leak out of the straw. Thank you for asking! I should have included that in my post and will go back and do that now.

  1. I so need one of these! You have no clue how many times I give my little guy a drink in the car (Yes I did it more then once because I’m a genius hehe) anywho I give him a drink only to have him squeeze it and have juice all over my car and w/e groceries I just bought!!
    This would be perfect! It looks impossible to squeeze 🙂 I need to talk to Santa this may be the perfect stocking stuffer for my 2 year old

  2. I have to get some of these! I don’t like to give my kids juice in their lunch. I prefer water or milk. But our reusable water bottles don’t fit in their lunch boxes. This is the perfect solution!

  3. Such a unique design! My littlest would feel like one of the big kids with her own juice box! I love that it comes in a great variety of colors, and is dishwasher safe too!

  4. This is a great idea! We normally don’t drink anything besides water in the car because of the problem of dropping it! Thanks for the review.

    1. I’m totally right with you there! Well, I drink coffee, but my toddler is only allowed water in the car. The last thing I need is spots of spoiled milk in the car seat, etc.

  5. I saw another review where their child said the edge that pinches the straw was sharp and it bothered her when she drank from it. Have you had any issues with this?

    1. Hi Shannon, sorry about the extremely late reply! I haven’t been able to access my blog admin page for a couple of months! My son has never acted like anything bothered him while drinking from it, but I will pay closer attention and see.

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