Review: GLASStic shatterproof water bottle

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

I prefer to drink from a glass container, and you’ll usually find me drinking from a mason jar at home. When running outside, I do often reach for my BPA-free plastic bottle, just because I’m concerned about dropping and breaking a glass water bottle on the pavement. Even if the plastic is BPA-free, I don’t like that plastic retains odors and tastes. I usually use a flavored electrolyte drink mix in my water for long runs, and the plastic always smells fruity even several days later. No matter how many times I wash the bottle, the scent is still there.

GLASStic makes a 16oz. shatterproof water bottle that is essentially a glass bottle inserted into a BPA-free plastic bottle. This means your liquid is inside glass, but since the outer shell is plastic, the entire bottle can withstand force better than glass alone. The GLASStic company states in their site’s FAQs page that a third party evaluated their bottles and concluded it takes on average at least six drops, before the glass inside breaks. If it does break, the plastic keeps the glass from shattering everywhere. You can then recycle the broken glass and purchase a replacement glass bottle insert for $7.99.

The original GLASStic bottle retails for $14.99 and has a variety of patterns available. The new sports version, which is what I received, can be purchased for $19.99 and features a handle and sports lid. I have a D-ring on the jogging stroller that I can use to attach the bottle handle to my stroller. It can be a little difficult, however, to get it unlatched while I’m running (I’m just not that good at multi-tasking), so a lot of times I just end up doing a balancing act with the bottle on top of the stroller canopy. The handle does make it easier to grab and carry the bottle with just three fingers, and you can flip the handle down and out of the way when it’s not in use.

The sports lid has a “lock” on it to keep the lid from being opened when you’re transporting the bottle (or when you’re toddler’s playing with it). It is a bit stiff, and I can’t unlock and open the lid with one hand that well. It’s doable, but awkward. I really do like the lock on it though. It reduces the spill factor.

The bottle is easy to wash. For quick cleaning, I just hand wash with a baby bottle brush and some dish soap. For deep cleaning, just unscrew the bottom and tops of the bottles, and then pop out the glass piece. All pieces are dishwasher safe, but for longevity, it’s recommended to hand wash them.

I like that GLASStic pairs a glass water bottle with practical, shatterproof plastic. It’s nice that if the glass breaks, you don’t have to buy an entire new bottle, just the insert. I also like that the bottle is easy to clean.

You can check out online to learn more and to purchase. It’s also available on Amazon (and the sports version is currently on sale!). Affiliate link:

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Review: PURE glass bottle #holidaygiftguide

Did you catch my review on Juice in the Box? PURE glass bottles are designed by the same company, and they sent me one of their bottles to review, along with the Juice in the Box.

PURE glass bottle- doesn't shatter when dropped. Find out more on My Life: A Work in Progress

What’s unique about PURE glass bottles is the design that makes them safe if dropped. The bottles are made from borosilicate glass, that can withstand high impacts. If the glass does break, the safe-shell coating keeps the glass shards contained, so there’s a drastically less chance of injury. There’s less clean-up too! The bottle is 100 percent recyclable, so if it breaks, you can toss the entire bottle into a recycling container.

The wide mouth of this bottle allows you to add ice, fruit wedges, and other flavoring. The wideness also makes it easy to clean. I’ve taken my PURE glass bottle everywhere:

PURE glass bottle at Busch Gardens- My Life: A Work in Progress
PURE glass bottle at Busch Gardens
PURE glass bottle at orchestra rehearsal- My Life: A Work in Progress
PURE glass bottle at orchestra rehearsal
PURE glass bottle goes for a jog- My Life: A Work in Progress
PURE glass bottle goes for a jog (just don’t balance it precariously inside the stroller hood!)

I had no intention of testing the shatter-proof ability of my PURE glass bottle, but I accidentally did. It was dropped a couple of times inside our home, on the kitchen linoleum and living room carpet (I have a toddler, it happens). The bottle survived each time, no problem. And then…

My husband actually came running with me one evening, and he ended up putting the jogging stroller in my car trunk for me, after we were finished. Well, I had my PURE glass bottle in the folded up stroller hood (I keep stuff in the hood all the time). Later that day I couldn’t find the PURE bottle, but figured it’d show up soon. It never occurred to me that the bottle was inside the stroller. A couple of days later, I was opening up the stroller to go jogging, and wouldn’t you know? The PURE glass bottle fell right out of the hood and onto the cement. Booooooo!

But the safe-shell coating worked! Not only did the bottle not shatter everywhere, the outside was still smooth to the touch. I could NOT feel any cracks, bumps, etc., on the outside. I’m sad that my bottle is gone, but happy that I was able to inadvertently test out all of the company’s claims!

PURE glass bottle won't shatter if dropped! My Life: A Work in Progress
Cracked on the inside, but the outside is completely smooth!

The bottle I received currently retails for $24.95, so it’s not the most inexpensive reusable bottle out there. But I have to say, this bottle is really elegant and sleek, and it’s glass (see below why that matters). I think the PURE glass bottle would make a lovely gift for someone (or for yourself). Also, if you buy two bottles, shipping is free to US and Canada.

So why choose glass?

Glass vs Plastic

To purchase and to learn more about PURE, including the history of glass and private label options, visit the following links:

PURE website | PURE glass bottle on Facebook | Precidio Design on Twitter | PURE glass bottle on Pinterest

Where would you take your PURE glass bottle?

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