Fitness Friday: 3/7/14 (Stats update)

This week has flown by, hasn’t it?! Or maybe it just seems like that because Baby J and I are visiting Hubby in Florida this week. 🙂 Hubby still doesn’t have orders to his next duty station, and he’s done here in 2 weeks. Craziness! Wherever we end up, I hope the base or naval station has a Family Fitness Center like the one I’ve been using this week, because it’s awesome!

Sweaty me in our hotel room after one of my gym workouts at the Family Fitness Center this week.

So one of the local naval station gyms back home in Hampton Roads has a tiny family fitness room. There are a few treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes, and then some dumbbells. That’s pretty much it. The room also has two gated areas to stick your kids in (divided by age). There are no toys, just some soft, stackable kids furniture that holds onto filth. But I’ve used it a few times during the cold weather. It’s much better than nothing.

Well, here in Pensacola, one of the naval stations has a family fitness center. It’s two large, well-equipped rooms with all sorts of machines and dumbbells. There’s plenty of room to work out. Alongside the main room are two raised platforms that are encircled with plexiglass to enclose your kids. And there are lots of toys! Baby J’s been doing really well in there. Most of the time, he’s alone, but occasionally there have been other kids.

One day Baby J was getting really fussy playing alone, so the lady in charge told me I could take him down in the weights area with me, since I was the only one working out down there. He was trying to do BOSU squats and donkey kicks like Mama! It’s been a really fun week.

 photo CEF6AF5F-1EB8-490F-A414-AB59D13C150B_zpsrhpjrvo9.jpg


Well, as I mentioned above, we’ve been going to the Family Fitness Center while staying here in Pensacola. It’s open Monday-Thursday, so we went every day. I was able to get 15-20 minutes of cardio in every day on the elliptical, treadmill, Stair Master, or a combo of the three. In addition to the cardio, I also did strength training every time for about 45-60 minutes. Monday and Wednesday I focused on arms and abs. I concentrated on legs and butt Tuesday and Thursday. I know I need to do more exercises targeted specifically toward my back, but I have no idea what to do. Time to hit up more YouTube videos!

I’m pleased with what I did this week, but definitely feel that there’s room for improvement. My foot has held up okay. It occasionally hurts, but I can’t always figure out what’s causing it to flare up. Yesterday afternoon it didn’t hurt after working out, but today it started throbbing after I walked around my hotel room barefooted for a few minutes. It also started hurting after I drove for 30 minutes one day. The good news is that it hasn’t gotten worse, and I think it’s gotten better.

Today, I’m relaxing and letting my body have a break, since I was really tired at the gym yesterday after just a few minutes of exercise. Tomorrow morning I hope to run outside, while my husband watches Baby J for me. I’d love to put 4 miles in, but if my foot starts to hurt, I’ll have to stop. There are some trails around here that are lined with wood chips, dirt, and grass, so I’ll try one of those. Those surfaces should be much better for my foot than asphalt or concrete.


Oh dear, I didn’t do so well at the beginning of this week. Saturday was a difficult day since we were flying out here, but I did well until we arrived and Hubby’s friends were grilling outside the hotel. And there were potato chips. I just can’t resist them. Then on Sunday, we went out to eat after church. Hubby’s friends wanted to go to Sonny’s BBQ. Maybe I should’ve stuck with the salad bar, but everything smelt so yummy, and I love barbecue and southern food. Bring me some biscuits and fried okra any day, mmmmmm. Monday I tried really hard all day to be good, and I was. But Hubby (against my pleading) bought Nutella. I had one little taste and it was over. Two or three Nutella sandwiches later, I was feeling horrible about myself.

But I determined I’d do better, and I have these last few days. I’ve been eating plenty of veggies and the right amount of carbs. I’m still probably eating too much saturated fat, and I’m having trouble getting enough protein. So I need to keep working on those too. I’m still researching protein shakes. I drank a ton of water this week, and sometimes I have trouble hydrating, so that’s good.


I was planning on posting “after” photos of myself to compare to my “before” shots back on Fitness Friday January 10. I had Hubby snap a few photos of me in the same workout clothes last night, but I eventually decided to not share them. I look the same! Well, I might look a little smaller around the hips, and my backside might be a little perkier, but that could also be the angle of the camera. My arms do not look any more muscular in my new photos. *insert sad face here*

Although I did feel bummed for a few minutes, I reminded myself that my clothes are fitting looser now. So even if I look the same or almost the same in photos, I know that I’ve been toning (i.e. BUILDING MUSCLE). That’s what matters.


I decided I’m not going to update this anymore. It’s no longer an accurate measurement of my fitness level.

Measurements: (Taken according to Weight Watchers guidelines.)

Previous Measurements (2/7/14):

  • Height: 5’10″
  • Weight: 149lbs.
  • Upper Arm: 11″
  • Abdomen: 33.5″
  • Waist: 30″
  • Hips: 36.5″
  • Thighs: 22″

Today’s Measurements (3/7/14):

  • Height: 5’10”
  • Weight: N/A
  • Upper Arm: 10 7/8″
  • Abdomen: 33.5″
  • Waist 29.5″
  • Hips: 36.5″
  • Thighs 23.5″

As you can see by my measurements, either I’m not making much progress at all, or I’m really terrible at taking measurements! I don’t know what else to do other than keeping plugging away, hoping that I’ll see some significant difference in those measurements eventually.


I’d like to see my arm measurements go up a little- with muscle! I’d like to see another inch come off my waist, and I definitely would like to lose inches off my hips. I think my hips are going to be the last to lose fat, and that may not happen until after I’m done having kids.

As I’ve mentioned, in spite of the numbers on the measuring tape or the scale, my jeans are fitting looser, so I know I’m losing fat and gaining muscle. I’m happy that I’m making progress. I’m getting stronger; I can lift heavier and do more reps. But if I’m honest with myself, I’m not working as hard as I could. I’ve always lacked discipline when exercising, so my fitness journey really is a work in progress for me. I’m thankful for the women both online and in real life that inspire and motivate me to keep going.

 Fitspiration/Fitness Stuff I’m Loving:

I’m still watching Brenda Leigh Turner’s videos for motivation and workout ideas. I also LOVE this blog post by Jen Sinkler, “Strong Isn’t Really the New Sexy/Skinny.”

Join in:

If you’re a blogger, link up your FF post at my two favorite Fitness Friday linkys- and If you don’t have a blog, feel free to let us know in the comments below how you’re doing with your health and fitness goals.

How was your week? Any fun plans for this weekend?

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  1. You may want to check out plantar fasciitis ( This can be very painful, but treatable. Try taking an empty plastic water bottle, filling it with water a few inches from the top, and then putting it in the freezer until frozen solid. Use that to roll your foot across (frozen bottle of water under your sock-covered foot), toes pointed. This helps soothe the pain and massage the foot. Do for about 10 minutes, up to 3 times a day. Hope that helps!

    1. Thank you for this! A friend of mine who’s a nurse and suffers from plantar fasciitis mentioned she thought that might be my problem. I didn’t know about the frozen bottle…I’m definitely trying that!

  2. If you do have plantar fasciitis, then make sure you’re wearing a good supportive and cushioned shoe. Also, make sure you know what kind of arches you have (high, regular or flat) – and buy workout shoes appropriate for that arch type

    But other than that! Way to go for fitness this week!

    1. Thanks, Amy! When I bought my runnings shoes I went to a local (non-chain) running store for a gait analysis. I purchased my shoes based on their advice, but I wonder if I should get a second opinion. Regardless, it sounds like my regular non-running footwear may not be supportive enough. Maybe I should look into good quality inserts?

  3. I did have plantar fasciitis once and it was very painful. Hope you get whatever it is resolved, and good luck with your workouts!

  4. Good for you! You’re working so hard! I agree with the others that it sounds like plantar fasciitis- I had it and shoes with GOOD SUPPORT are KEY! My FAVORITE part of your post was the part where you’re not longer tracking your weight. GOOD FOR YOU!

  5. I hope you figure out what’s causing your pain and you get it taken care of! I’m sure visiting your husband in Florida has been nice! Love the pics of Baby J.

    1. Thanks! You’re lookin pretty great yourself 😉 Still waiting on a selfie of you in your new skinny jeans!

  6. Don’t be discouraged by not seeing movement on the scale – or in your measurements. I would encourage you to get a digital measuring tape if you’re not already using one. When I switched to that, it was easier and my measurements were more accurate, too!

    1. I’ve never heard of a digital measuring tape, but you’ve piqued my interest! I’m going to check it out, thank you.

  7. YAY for getting more toned, you look awesome but toning is always awesome. On a side not (well a few side notes lol) my dad was stationed in Pensacola, he took us to that base once on vacation. Oh and Sonny’s – we visited FL last summer and heard how awesome that place is and promised ourselves we were going to go but never got around to it. (and did I read that you did get papers? Right?) We’re DYING to move to FL but we have to wait 4 years still. Another side note haha… okra. I could LIVE on fried okra, yum! And Nutella – we buy it but I’ve never tried it haha. I think it smells bad. Crazy, huh?

    1. We did get orders, yes! Heading up closer to DC in the summer. If you don’t like the smell of Nutella, you could try making it yourself. I THINK it’s pretty easy to make (not totally sure, but my friend makes hers).

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