Fitness Friday: 1/10/14

*Please join me for weekly Fitness Friday! You don’t have to be a blogger. Let’s motivate each other to be healthier and stronger in this new year!*

It just hit me that it’s 2014- wow! Time flies. The last time I blogged a Fitness Friday post was June 28, 2013. At that time, I’d met my weight loss goals, so I’d decided to stop doing a dedicated “Fitness Friday” series. But now I have actual fitness goals, so it’s time to start again. The original series probably should’ve been “Weight-loss Wednesday” or some such thing, since postpartum weight loss was the goal. If you’re interested, check out my last Fitness Friday post as well as before and after photos. I lost 17 lbs during that series.

So now I’m back.

The numbers on the scale don’t really matter at this point. Last June, I weighed in at 156 lbs (for reference, I’m 5’10”). This morning I weighed 154 lbs, but I can tell you for a fact that I look much smaller than I did in June, even though there’s only a 2 lb difference. And that’s simply because I’ve been losing fat but building muscle. So I don’t expect the numbers on the scale to change that much.

Of course there needs to be photos, to mark where I’m starting! These photos were taken this morning:

Postpartum weight loss and Fitness Friday on My Life: A Work in Progress

Postpartum weight loss and Fitness Friday on My Life: A Work in Progress
My workout buddy =D
Postpartum weight loss and Fitness Friday on My Life: A Work in Progress
Definitely NOT my favorite view of myself!

Measurements: (taken according to Weight Watchers guidelines)

  • Height: 5’10”
  • Weight: 154lbs.
  • Upper Arm: 12″
  • Abdomen: 34.5″
  • Waist: 31″
  • Hips: 38″
  • Thighs: 23.5″


I wish I had hard and fast numbers I could spout out, but I really don’t know, other than my waist. I’d like to tone my abs; my stomach is still a bit soft from pregnancy. I was surprised that my waist was at 31,” since I’ve been wearing jeans with a 29-30″ waist. I would like to lose a couple inches, to approximately 27-28″ waist. There are jeans in my closet that I haven’t worn in years. I’d love to pull them out!

I want to build more muscle on my arms and rear. At this point, I want to do push-ups, ab and leg exercises every day. I don’t care how many sets yet. It’s just a matter of getting into a habit of doing them. Run 4-5 days a week, and increase my distance and speed as I get closer to my April half marathon. If you’re curious, I keep track of my running times on my personal fitness blog, This Mama Runs.

I’ve been doing great with my diet, but I probably need to start eating more. Since I had my son, I’ve been using MyFitnessPal to track my intake, and I aim for around 1500 calories a day. That has served me well to this point, but as I’m working out more and definitely as I’m running more, I’m going to need to eat more. My goal this week will be to determine what my optimum caloric intake would be, as well as what type of calories (protein vs. carbs, etc).

From now on, I’ll be linking up on Fridays with Jill Conyers at Fitness, Health, and Happiness. Jill is a wife, mom, fitness blogger, and ultra runner. Following her blog is keeping me motivated!

Fitness Friday Jill Conyers button

So now it’s your turn. As I said at the beginning of this post, I’d love to have you join in, whether you blog or not. You don’t have to have any crazy goals like run a triathlon (but if you do, that’s very cool!). Your goal can be something as simple as determining to walk an extra 30 minutes a week throughout January. Start with a small, quickly-attainable goal. That will help you give you confidence and motivation to meet the next!

Did you meet your fitness goals this week? What are your goals? What areas of your body or life would you like to improve?

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  1. well….i guess this fits under the “fitness” category – i need to lose some weight this year (just got on my scale a few minutes ago – i’m up to 166…..)

    1. Hi Andi, thanks for commenting and sharing! Do you have a plan for getting there? I really recommend using an app like MyFitnessPal or LoseIt. If you don’t have a SmartPhone, you can still access them on your laptop or computer.

    1. Hi Liz, thank you so much! Yes, I guess it is relative. A year ago, I would have been thrilled to look the way I do today. But now that I’m here, my goals have changed. I’m definitely NOT unhappy with the way I look, but I don’t know…I’d just like to be stronger (and fit in those Hollister jeans again, hahah).

  2. My goal for this week (through tomorrow) is to get back into my pre-holiday groove of exercising 4-5x/week (5x, usually). At least 4 of those days involve running, and 3-4 involve strength training. As long as I exercise tomorrow morning, that goal will be pretty much met.

    For next week, I’d like to restart training for the half and to increase my pushups and variety of pushups, while maintaining my current level of strength training. Also, to make stretching after running a part of my routine. Out of all of that, the stretching is the thing I am most likely to not do, so I will check in next Friday and report how it goes!

    1. Hi Nicole, you know you’re like my fitness idol, right? You’re so dedicated and motivated…ALWAYS…even when you’re sick or super pregnant! I definitely need to do more strength training. Maybe you can show me one of these days how to use J’s adjustable Bowflex thing. Although I should probably check YouTube too!

  3. WOW!! You look amazing! Way to go. I am too working on my fitness goals (in one way or another). I am now eating better I just need to start working out.

    1. Eating healthy is so important! I actually feel like there’s no point in working out, if someone has a horrible diet. The outside of their body may look fit, but if they’re putting crap into it…well, they’re not healthy on the inside, where it counts!

    1. Sorry you didn’t meet your goals, but you’ll be back on track soon! One thing that has helped me is having a designated “cheat” day every week. If I know I can eat whatever I want that day, it makes it easier the rest of the week.

  4. Wow, Elisebet, You look amazing! I love that color on you too. Of course, it isn’t about your color but your fitness goals… You are an inspiration. And this is the time everyone has their resolutions so it is nice to have someone to ‘work’ along side with.

  5. Congrats on your fitness goals. I think you look great already, but like you’d like to tone the tummy from pregnancy and do a little work on the rear! I think I might have to join this!

  6. You are looking great! Even I think I am a few pounds down from the first of the year. As soon as it warms up, me and my twin sister plan on starting a walking and yoga routine. Such inspiration from Fitness Friday!

  7. My goal is to be 5’10!!! All kidding aside I am under operation “lift butt off of hamstring” currently and things are going well…squating my butt off…or up. When you get to be my age you will realize that gravity is over rated. So shaping up the rear. I have slacked off of my lowerbody workouts to run more but it really is not great when you lose muscle in those areas. You look great, bet ya feel great!

  8. Those are some great goals and very motivating. I would like to lose a couple…well about 20 lbs myself — I’ve managed to take of 10 over the past few months, but there’s still a ways to go. Since I NEVER exercise I’m pretty sure I could do it if I got a little more active but I’m running out of minutes in my days!

  9. Everyone out there sounds pretty young. I am now “old” [of course that’s relative!]but we not-so-young-anymore still need fitness goals. I believe the motives change as you get older. For me now it is literally a matter of staying mobile enough to continue to be active in church and the ministry. Anyone else out there in that age bracket?

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