Oven-Roasted Chickpeas (Fitness Friday 1/16/13)

I’m a salty snack person. I can’t keep any kind of chips or cheese puffs or pseudo-healthy salty snack foods in the house, because I will eat them all. Immediately. So I generally whip something healthy up from my fridge or pantry to satisfy my salt craving. Kale chips are a favorite, but they aren’t very filling. This year I finally discovered oven-roasted chickpeas (garbanzo beans). Okay, I know these have been around for a while, but I just found out about them this summer!

For my rendition of oven-roasted chickpeas, I just drain and rinse one can’s worth of chickpeas, and place them in a bowl. I set the oven to 425° while drying the chickpeas with a paper towel. Then I pour about a teaspoon of olive oil into the chickpeas, and mix them all around. I spoon the chickpeas flat onto a cookie sheet, in a single layer. Now it’s time for seasonings! Sometimes I just use salt, other times salt + smoked paprika. I also like my roasted chickpeas with cumin or Old Bay seasoning. I roast the chickpeas for approximately 25 minutes, until the outsides are crispy. I also rotate the cookie sheet half way through roasting.

Oven-roasted chickpeas on My Life: A Work in Progress

Mmmmm tasty and healthy! I’ve kept to simple seasonings so far, but TheKitchn.com has an interesting compilation titled “15 More Ways to Flavor Roasted Chickpeas.” Some of the flavor combinations sound delicious, and I plan to try all of them.

Have you tried oven-roasted chickpeas? What’s your favorite seasoning combination? Do you have any favorite salty snacks that are healthy?

Fitness Friday Jill Conyers buttonFITNESS FRIDAY STATS:

Last week I posted my measurements, before photos, and my goals. I plan to update my measurements (and maybe photos) once a month. My goals are still the same!

I slacked off this week with working out. Baby J went through this thing where he woke up several times a night, screaming or crying. Sometimes it was 45 minutes to an hour long. I don’t know if his teeth were hurting him or if he was having night terrors, but I was just really tired this week…still am tired. It’s also been cold, so I haven’t really wanted to bundle Baby J up to go run. These are all excuses, I know. I need to suck it up, and just get out there.

As of writing this post Thursday night, I’ve only run once, for about two miles. There was some hill running in there, so that was good, but I REALLY, REALLY need to pick up the training, or I’ll never be ready for my half marathon in April. The plan is to run today and tomorrow. Today’s run should be at least 6 miles, but we’ll see. I’m most likely running alone, other than Baby J of course. When I run alone, it’s really hard for me to stay focused and motivated. At the very least, I will do a walk/run/walk/run today until I reach 6. I WILL do it.

*Update* I ran the 6 today! I think it was actually 7. I had a few quick stops to adjust Baby J’s gloves and one bathroom break, but I did run the entire distance. Woohoo! I’m feeling encouraged.

Now it’s your turn. As I’ve been saying, I’d love to have you join in, whether you blog or not. You don’t have to have any crazy goals like run a triathlon (but if you do, that’s very cool!). Your goal can be something as simple as determining to walk an extra 30 minutes a week throughout January. Start with a small, quickly-attainable goal. That will help you give you confidence and motivation to meet the next!

Did you meet your fitness goals this week? What are your goals?

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  1. YAY for the 7 – that’s AWESOME!! You’ll totally be ready for your marathon!!

    I don’t think I’ve ever had Chickpeas before?!? I am totally a salty snack kind of person too so I really would love to try these. Sorry to hear about Baby J, my little guy woke a lot this week too, but didn’t say up long… just fussed and went right back to sleep. It’s tiring!! Glad to see you linked up with us again at Fitness Friday, thanks!! See ya next week 🙂

  2. I’m loving this recipe so much right now. I am so happy I stumbled upon it! Thank you for sharing. I am headed to the grocer in the morning and I’m all over this!

  3. I have not tried roasted chickpeas yet. I’ve had a can of them in my cabinet for months intending to try it, so this may be the push I need to try to them. My fitness goals were get back on track with half iron training and I did a decent job getting my training workouts in. Not perfect, but decent.

  4. This looks so delicious and I am not familiar with snacking on chickpeas. I imagine you can make a bunch ahead of time and ad them to recipes throughout the week!

  5. Yum to the chickpeas (never thought of roasting them before!). And, I wish I had the discipline to have a healthy goal – like running or eating better, but I can never seem to keep up with it 🙁 You’re doing great though!

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