Why I’m a terrible mother.

Since I had my son 4.5 months ago, it has completely blow me away and disgusted me at how nasty women can get to each other regarding parenting styles. What especially gets my goat is that many moms will preach tolerance and then show complete intolerance towards anyone not accepting their viewpoint.

When I read Tailor Made Momma’s blog post, “Why I Suck As a Mom,” celebrating different parenting styles, I thought, yeah…I too suck as a mother.

So here’s why I’m a terrible mother:

  1. Every day I sleep in the same bed with my baby.
  2. I exclusively breastfeed my son even when my nipples bleed and crack, and half of one falls off.
  3. I had my son circumcised.
  4. I don’t use the safety strap in my son’s Bumbo.
  5. Sometimes I use the stroller instead of the carrier, because I don’t like how it pulls on my shirt. In fact, I prefer it.
  6. I struggle to clean the house and make meals, because I can’t stand letting my son fuss for me.
  7. I insist on putting a blanket over my son while he’s sleeping, even though the experts say not to. (No, not over his face.)
  8. I cloth diaper my son, mostly because I want something soft against his skin.
  9. I refused the Hep B vaccine for my son when he was born.
  10. I love my son more than I ever dreamed possible.
  11. Except for RV, my son is now on a regular vaccination schedule.
  12. I get down on the floor and play with my baby.
  13. I had an epidural, and before that, a narcotic, and I’d do it again.
  14. I sing to my son constantly.
  15. I call my son Mr. Stinky Pants.
  16. I always forget to ask for paper bags at the grocery store.
  17. I wake up almost every hour at night to check on my son.
  18. I cuddle and snuggle my baby boy every chance I get.
  19. I nurse my son whenever he wants, which is usually every 1.5-3 hours AROUND THE CLOCK.
  20. I gave my son a paci when he was a few hours old.
  21. I labored for 70 hours (58 of them drug free) before my son was born.
  22. One time I forgot a spare diaper when we went out, and I stuffed receiving blankets in the front of his onesie.
  23. I read books to my son, even though he has no clue what’s going on.
  24. I probably leave my son’s night time diapers on him too long.
  25. When his daddy’s away, I tell him what a wonderful man his daddy is.
  26. I pray for my baby boy every night that God will keep him safe, and that he’ll accept Jesus Christ as his Savior.

And that’s why I’m a terrible mom!

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  1. I could have written this post! I think you are a FANTASTIC mom. You love and adore your little man. You have a loving relationship with your hubby and most importantly, Jesus 🙂

    Btw, I am a pretty terrible momma too 😉

  2. # 2 I was right there with my firstborn. Way to do what you wanted even when it was difficult.

    # 6 I still struggle to get all the stuff done and my kids are all past the needing me right this second stage

  3. #2? Really? Nipples can “fall off” lmao.. oh that brought on my gag reflex. I got cracked but my nipple never “fell off” eww eww. You poor thing!!! That def. shows how determined you are to do what you feel is right though!! The other moms can take their “terrible mom” bits and shove it :).

    1. Thank you! Yeah, I came really close to quitting, but I just knew I’d always regret switching to formula so soon, and that motivated me. So my nipple has mostly grown back, but it’s still lopsided. I think it may be permanent! It is pretty weird-looking, hahah!

  4. This blog made me cry. Why? Because I am blessed to have a daughter like you! Yes, I said “daughter.” I don’t have to worry about Jeremiah because he is in safe hands. I do #26 for him also, at least twice a day and whenever I can remember.

  5. Your an inspiration to me, i know the feeling of other mothers/non-Mothers
    That judge us moms. I had my 3 children by age 20yr tons of people judged me
    because i had my first son at 17yr 18mos later i had my 2nd son 6weeks later i was prego with my daughter…. Totally not planned lol
    but because of my babies & family i pushed threw the negativity!
    Your a wonderful mother i know your son is absolutely content & happy to have you as his mother!
    I have a question though on #9 & 11 why did you refuse the hep.B shot and RV i love learning new things about meds,children,parenting,etc. ..like my nephew developed autism after his.2yr old shots acted like a normal child he talked ssmiled etc we all believe the shot or shots had mercury in them whiched caused it!

    1. Thank you =D I initially refused the Hep B shot when my son was a newborn, because Hepatitis B is primarily an adult illness caused by sharing needles or unprotected sex with multiple partners. I later allowed my son to have the Hep B vaccine (at 2 months and 4 months), because it was mixed together in a combination vaccine with DTaP and the polio vaccine…both of which I wanted him to have. As far as the rotavirus…rotavirus is a serious issue in third world and developing countries. Here in the U.S., very few children die from rotavirus (20-60 out of 200,000 cases). Kids can still get rotavirus here in the U.S. though, but more than likely kids who get it just end up with bad diarrhea and probably need fluids at the hospital. Since my son is not in daycare, that greatly reduces his risk of getting it. Also the majority of developed countries don’t find this vaccine necessary, which led me to speculate on whether or not this vaccine is pushed here because of $$$. I’m not even getting into possible side effects of the vaccine (severe bowel blockage). Ultimately, I’m not a doctor; I’m not an expert; and I do think that most vaccines are import.

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