It’s Fitness Friday! (Week 2)

Well, this week was a colossal FAIL. If you remember my goal from last week, I was hoping to be in the 170s by this week. Nope. I’m still 182 lbs. Here’s why I fail, last weekend (as in RIGHT after the last Fitness Friday), I dropped down to 180. I was so close to the 170s! Then on Sunday night I had a (delicious) burger and fries. Monday I ate a Panini and pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. Tuesday I had two tacos from Tijuana Flats. Or maybe that was Wednesday? I’m missing a day…hmmm…but the point is that I’ve been eating way over my planned calorie amount without upping my exercise. Yesterday was my first day at the gym this entire week. And then I ate half a large pizza afterwards. Yup, I did. It was delicious.

Current Stats:

Still 182 lbs.

Activities Performed:

45 minutes of cardio at the gym

2 hours of leisurely walking

1 hour of brisk walking

Diet Changes:

I ate badly this week (processed food, things high in sodium, things high in fat, etc.). I also didn’t log into MyFitnessPal for 3 days in a row.

Next Week’s Goals:

To get into the 170s!!!

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  1. Starting a diet and fitness plan is hard! Don’t worry I feel off the wagon last night and had 2 glasses of wine even though one of the goals I set for myself was to not drink alcohol (I hate drinking calories!).

    Good luck!

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