CLOSED Giveaway: Spray Pal, Dec. 9-22 #clothdiapers

Welcome to another cloth-diaper related giveaway as part of the New Year, New Fluff Stash event hosted by We’re Parents? This giveaway is sponsored by Spray Pal.

When I first hear the name Spray Pal, I really didn’t know what to think. Huh? Is it connected to PayPal? Does it have something to do with diaper sprayers? It sure does! If you cloth diaper your children or are even considering cloth diapering, you need to check out this product. My son started solids about a month ago, and his poop immediately changed. Gross, I know. Unlike exclusively breastfed poop, which is water-soluble, this new poop comes in all shapes and sizes as well as textures. Before we wash his diapers, we have to flush the feces down the toilet. We’ve been doing a method of dunk and swish and using a sprayer, depending on my son’s diaper surprise.

If we had a Spray Pal, it would make life easier and so much cleaner (less icky too). Spray Pal is the “mess-free way to spray” your cloth diapers! It protects your bathroom (and you) from messy poop splatters when cleaning off diapers. It also helps you squeeze the water out of the diaper and carry it mess free to your diaper pail or bag.

My only concern after learning about this product was how do you store it? Quite easily, as it turns out. The Spray Pal is designed to fold flat for storage, and the clip has a little hole allowing you to hang it in your bathroom on a suction cup hook. Or you could place it in a small container.

To truly understand how the Spray Pal works, check out the video here, but please come back to enter and maybe win your very own Spray Pal (ARV $21.95)!

Note: My Life: A Work in Progress is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

 Giveaway open to US and Canada. Enter to win below!

Entry #2505 Sarah F.

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  1. We use the sink in our laundry room if needed, needless to say we can’t use it for anything else and we have to clean it OFTEN!

  2. We don’t use a diaper sprayer. I first use a spatula (only used for diapers) to push the poo into the toilet. Then I use our detachable shower head to rinse the diaper out and then hand ring them.

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