Review: SinkMagic portable sink water diverter

I hate/loathe/detest/abhor washing dishes. I would rather do any other household chore, including scrubbing the toilet, than wash dishes. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because that was the chore I did most often growing up? Maybe it was because the cold climate I lived in (Canada) coupled with the constant washing made my hands raw, dry, and painful? (No, my parents didn’t buy us gloves for washing. Why not? I don’t know. Ask them. We were poor, so maybe that’s why.)

We have a dishwasher in our home, but it doesn’t completely remove the burden of washing. I still have to rinse and scrub all residue off dishes before placing them in the washer. Additionally, my Le Creuset cookware, glass platters, bamboo cutting boards and servers, and various bakeware is not dishwasher safe.

When I heard SinkMagic was looking for bloggers to review their portable sink water diverter, I couldn’t wait to contact them. Finally! A product to make dishwashing a little more bearable!

SinkMagic is

  • convenient
  • portable
  • time-saving
  • money-saving
  • eco-friendly

It works by rerouting the drain 5 to 8 inches higher than your sink’s drain- similar to the little extra drain hole in a bathroom hand washing sink. I use a lot less water when washing or rinsing dishes now, since SinkMagic drains water slower and at smaller amounts. It also makes washing, soaking, or rinsing dishes faster and easier.

Watch my video to see one of the ways I incorporate SinkMagic in our home:

For more videos on how to use SinkMagic, click HERE!

Note: I received a complimentary product from SinkMagic to review and was not otherwise compensated for this post. I was not asked to write a positive review, and the opinions expressed above are my own and may differ from the opinions of others. 

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    1. Great video Elisebet! I just want to point out that sink magic is totally customizable in length. you noticed that the top is almost at the level of the top of the sink. You can shorten sink magic by boiling the middle accordion part for 30 seconds, lift it up, compressed it about1 inch and while compressed , immerse it is cold water to semi -permanently set. Now you have a 1 inch shorter sink magic! Now , when you want to restore it to previous length, just boil it again and it will auto expand to original length, Quite amazing sight! Pls see video below on how to adjust sink magic:

    1. Hi Bittney,
      Sink Magic’s $30 price(no maintenance expenses) Vs dishwasher’s $600 – $800 price (with multiple repair expenses later) , what a big difference! Have a fun Day! Hermo

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