Fitness Friday: 2/21/14

fitnessfridaywehaveitall3 buttonToday is the last day of the Move, Nourish, Believe Challenge by Lorna Jane and Sweat Pink. I’ll be posting my recap tomorrow, and there’s a big Twitter party for the event next Wednesday (woohoo!).

I’m still participating in the Winter Miles Challenge, although I believe next week is the last week.


Today has been a good week! The weather has been gorgeous- possibly the best week all winter. We’ve had temps up in the 50s and 60s for highs, perhaps even the low 70s. I’ve definitely taken advantage of it, and we’ve been outside, getting active.

I didn’t keep track, but most days this week, I have been doing pushups, crunches, various ab exercises, and free weights.

I’ve been reading a lot lately online about the benefits of heavy lifting for women. I don’t have barbells or a bench, but I do have adjustable dumbbells (they go up to 50 lbs) and an ottoman. That will have to work for now!

Obviously I need to be consistent about which days I lift and for how long. Right now my exercising is all over the place, which is totally me, unfortunately. I’m rarely organized and have difficulty sticking to schedules. :/

Monday– I skipped running today. Since I didn’t work out on Saturday or Sunday (other than some weights here and there), I probably should’ve done some cardio, but it was the coldest day of the week (high of 30s), so I decided to wait for warmer weather. Why didn’t I do a home cardio workout? Good question. Being more motivated and consistent is a constant battle for me.

Tuesday– I put 5.88 miles in. After reading about the benefits of interval training, I completed walk/jog/run intervals. I didn’t time them; I just went by landmarks, how I was feeling, and the wind. If I was on a really windy area of the trail, I walked. If the wind died down, I sprinted and then slowed to a jog after 30 seconds or so.

Interestingly, I felt exhaustion in my hamstrings more from the speed walking than the sprinting.

The Army has an alternate physical training test. Certain Soldiers that have “profiles” (due to injury, etc.) may be allowed to speed walk the 2-mile run, instead of running it. The first time I heard that, I rolled my eyes. But when I actually witnessed how fast some of these troops have to walk in order to pass their test…it’s no joke. Speed walking can be a great workout.

I think because I was trying to walk fast and push the jogging stroller into the wind, I must have been digging into the ground with my heel and pushing off more. Somebody who actually understands muscle can probably explain this more, but anyway, I did get a good burn from it.

My averaged out pace was 11:13 min a mile.

Wednesday– I was busy cleaning and blogging earlier in the day, but Baby J and I broke out the bike and toddler seat in the afternoon! We just did 3.34 miles, but it was very refreshing.

Thursday– More walk/jog/run intervals for us today. We did 3.35 miles. I also spent probably 45 minutes chasing Baby J around the playground and climbing equipment with him. It was a lot of fun!  Average pace was 10:40 min a mile.

Friday– Well, the day’s not over yet! While I was babysitting earlier this morning, I spent a bit of time just playing outside with the boys, tossing and kicking a ball around. That’s one of the reasons I want to be in shape- just to be active with my family and friends.

I’ll update later this weekend, but my plan is to do a Brazil Buff Lift workout DVD this afternoon (it’s supposed to storm outside), and put a long run in tomorrow morning. I don’t know how far. Ten miles would be great, but I’ll be satisfied with 6.

As I mentioned above, I’ve been doing strength training every day this week, and that will continue today.


I’m really struggling with this, but not quite as bad as last week. Earlier this week I bought ice cream from the grocery store and ate 2/3 of the pint in one night (Baby J ate the rest). Usually I can pass the frozen foods aisle, and yes, my mouth will start watering, but I’ll ignore it and resist. I just couldn’t do it! Then Tuesday I ate over at some friends’ home and instead of sticking to one brownie, I had two and a piece of cake. Yesterday at the grocery store, I couldn’t resist buying a deeply-discounted box of mini apple Danish. Today I’ve already eaten half a cinnamon crust bagel from Panera that someone gave me (this bagel is in no way healthy).

So clearly I’m having an issue with processed sugars. On a positive note, I’ve been eating lean protein, legumes, and tons of raw veggies and some fruit.


Next month I’ll measure inches and report back. My weight is still at 149 lbs., which is fine. I’m assuming this is a combination of building muscle and the crap I’ve been eating. But my arms look more muscular, so that’s great! I feel good too.


I would like to get my sugar cravings under control, first of all. I did well for months, so I’m not sure why it’s flaring up suddenly. I guess I should do some research.

A big goal for me right now is to lift heavier weights and build muscle. I would like to see my jeans size go down, even if my weight goes up.

As far as running, I’m confident I could finish a half marathon in decent time if it were today or tomorrow. However, I may have to walk some of it. Because of this, my goal in the next 50 days would be to continue interval training and run longer distances, so I can at least jog all of the half (if not actually RUN).


Fitness sites I’m loving this week:

I’ve found a couple of websites this week that have really inspired me: and They both share practical, realistic advice about fat loss and muscle gain. You won’t find any fat diets on these sites.

NerdFitness also has a couple of great articles that explain why the number on the scale doesn’t matter, lower body fat isn’t always best, constricting calories often backfires, and that what you eat is 80 percent of the weight loss/fitness battle.

And how about you? How was your week? Did you meet your goals? Do you have any plans for this weekend? Goals for next week?
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Stats update! (Fitness Friday 2/7/14)

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Fitness Friday Details:

Each Friday, I’m linking up with some awesome bloggers at and We motivate each other on our fitness and/or weight loss journeys. We’d love for you to join! If you’re a blogger, visit their sites to add your post to the linkys. If you don’t have a blog, leave a comment here and tell me what your goals are and how you did this week.


Well, it’s another cold week, but the snow is gone at least. I know those of you who are in the single digits or negatives are probably rolling your eyes when I say that 30s are cold, but hey! It’s what I’m used to! The weather is unusually cold for this area.

Last week I did end up not meeting my Winter Miles Challenge goal of 10 miles per week. I missed it by one mile! I was really disappointed, but my son was sick, so I just couldn’t get out there to run. I ended up taking Baby J to the ER last Saturday night where they treated him for vomiting, fever, and his throat (croup). He’s much better now, fortunately, but I think since I’ve already met my challenge for this week (woohoo!), I won’t take him out in the cold today or tomorrow. I’ll probably start taking him back to the family workout room in the base gym next week.

I’m also participating in the Lorna Jane Move Nourish Believe Challenge throughout the month of February. You can see me and others meet our daily challenges on Instagram. My account is emegburg. I’ll post a recap here later today or tomorrow.

With the snow, cold, and illness, it’s been incredibly frustrating this year at how difficult it’s been for me to meet my goals. I decided this week that I really do need to start focusing on what I do accomplish. I have a dozen reasons (excuses) to not exercise or eat right, but I’m doing it anyway. That’s a victory. Maybe it’s not as grand as I’d planned, but any progress is a GOOD THING.



I do have something exciting to tell you! Did you see last week’s Fitness Friday post? One of the things I brought up was that I’d come to the conclusion that I needed to eat more. I wasn’t losing weight anymore, and I’m also trying to build muscle. I decided to eat 700-800 more calories a day. It sounds like a lot, but turns out my body needed it. After being stagnant for weeks, I dropped 3 pounds! Eating less is not always the answer to weight loss.

If you want, please add me on MyFitnessPal. I use it to track both quantity and quality of my foods. It’s very helpful to ensure I’m eating enough protein and fiber, but not too much fat.

One of these days, I need to post an updated photo of myself! I’ll try to ask a friend to take one of me next week or this weekend, and then I can post it with next Fitness Friday.


Monday– Jogged 1. 8 miles and leisurely walked for about an additional 25-30 minutes.

Tuesday– Took a break from running and did a home workout for about 40 minutes.

Wednesday– Jogged 2 miles at an 8:40 pace, woohoo! That’s an improvement. I haven’t run that quickly since probably October or November. Also did some light core and arm exercises at home.

Thursday– Jogged over 6 miles and walked about 1 mile. Did some core and arm exercises at home.

Friday– Well, nothing yet! I’m planning on doing a home workout today and tomorrow. Yesterday was really hard to run. Actually, it’s been hard all the week with the cold. That wind really catches the jogging stroller! So home stuff this weekend, definitely.

I did meet my goal to workout 4 days this week, woohoo!

Photos from this week’s workouts.


As I mentioned above, I held steady at 152 lbs. for two weeks, until I started eating more. I’m now at 149 lbs., woot woot! I don’t think I’ve seen the 140s in about 7 or 8 years! Of course my body composition is completely different than when I was younger, but that’s okay. I’m a mommy now, so I’ve had body changes. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to be toned and trim, but it means my body won’t look like it did when I was 20. Baby J is totally worth it. 🙂

The last day I posted measurements was my January 10 Fitness Friday post. My measurements are taken according to Weight Watcher’s Guidelines.

Previous Measurements (1/10/14):

  • Height: 5’10″
  • Weight: 154lbs.
  • Upper Arm: 12″
  • Abdomen: 34.5″
  • Waist: 31″
  • Hips: 38″
  • Thighs: 23.5″

Today’s Measurements (2/7/14):

  • Height: 5’10″
  • Weight: 149lbs.
  • Upper Arm: 11″
  • Abdomen: 33.5″
  • Waist: 30″
  • Hips: 36.5″
  • Thighs: 22″


I’d like to see my arms get bigger- with muscle! I’m not working hard enough at strength training. I’ve been saying I want to build muscle, but I’m not putting enough effort in. The weather next week doesn’t look great either, so my goal will be to just keep up with running (get at least 10 miles in), but work harder at lifting weights and calisthenics… do more sets of each exercise.


And now it’s your turn! Did you meet any fitness or weight loss goals this week? Do you have any goal’s for next week? Or what are your plans for this weekend?
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Finish the year right!

*Post contains sponsored content.*

It’s no secret to my friends and family that I gained too much weight while pregnant. I always said I wouldn’t be one of those women who blimped and gained 70 lbs. while pregnant. But I totally was! I have a few excuses why, but the biggest reason is that I just wasn’t active enough. I’d come home to an empty apartment after a long day at work (my husband was deployed), and all I’d want to do is eat and sleep or eat and watch TV. So that’s what I did.


After I had my son, I made a point of walking several times a week. If the weather was nice, I went to a local park. In bad weather, I walked around inside the mall. I’d go months without seeing a lot of results, and I wanted to give up. But I always felt better after exercising, so I continued to do it. Eventually it paid off. After 18 months postpartum, I finally reached my pre-pregnancy weight. I attribute my weight loss to a healthy diet and frequent exercise.

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Running has never been my “thing.” Walking is enjoyable, but I’ve always claimed to hate running. This fall I finally got tired of my negative mentality and decided the only way to get over it was to train for a half marathon in the Spring! In just a couple of months, I went from barely being able to run 3/4 of a mile to running 10 miles!

Here are my two tips for making running a little less sucky for moms:

  1. Run with a buddy (or several!).
  2. Buy a quality jogging stroller.

I have another mom that I run with regularly, and occasionally, other women join us. That’s the only way I could’ve made this much progress in a few months. If you don’t know anyone who wants to run…well, first try to persuade them. Maybe bribe them with coffee afterwards or something! You could also check out local meet-up groups for moms. A quick Google search should help you find other mamas in the area.

Once in a while, I still do run by myself (and Baby J, of course), but it’s difficult. I usually run longer and faster than I would’ve this summer though, before I started my running journey.

Also, a good jogging stroller is very important! I’ve only run without Baby J a couple of times. Normally, I have him with me. If it’s a cold day, I bundle him up. He’s even worn his entire snow suit before, sitting in the stroller on a cold, windy day! Baby J loves to come with me on runs. He’ll fuss if I stop moving! And if you have a baby that struggles to nap, running with a jogging stroller could be a great way to soothe your little one to sleep.

We’re approaching the new year, but before starting your resolutions…why not finish this year the right way? You still have a week and a few days. Sure, enjoy the delicious holiday foods. But why not get out there and bump up your exercise routine before 2014! is an online and brick & mortar store that I’ve recommended numerous times. They have an innovative showroom in New Jersey, and their online mom expert chat support is really helpful. The site has a huge inventory of strollers and stroller accessories. Whether you’re looking for a single, double, light weight, jogger, or more, you can probably find it at!

 photo BabyJoggerSale_zps4a9b9613.jpg

Currently, has a great sale on Baby Jogger strollers. You can save up to 35 percent during this year end clearance event. You can also take a sneak peek at the 2014 Baby Jogger line and sign up to be notified when they’re available. All orders $75 and up ship free from Click HERE to see the sale!

How do you stay active?

Note: I received monetary compensation to promote the Baby Jogger sale at However, all opinions stated are my honest opinions. They may differ from yours. Get out there, walk, and run! 

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