Sleep Training: It’s Going!

Hmm still don’t like the word “training,” but I think sleep “learning” sounds lame. Anyway, I’m happy to report things are getting even better, and Baby J is sleeping well! Since I moved him to the crib, he’s been waking up on average two times a night. It used to be three, so this is a huge improvement. Not only that, but two nights ago, he only woke up once! First time ever!

I was really worried about starting the crib transition again after the holidays, so I’m thankful it’s going easier than I thought.


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  1. How old is your little one? Baby girl is almost 5 months, and we Co-Sleep. She is going to have to share a room with her 4 year old sister one day. We DO technically have a 4th bedroom, but it is on a separate floor. My kids are too young for that. Whats worse is that their room isn’t set up for 2 beds. Its an odd attic conversion. So there is only one full wall, the rest slant. So we have my 4yo bed then 2 dressers and no room for a crib. My sons room is the same, as is ours. Ugh, I’ll just co-sleep forever. Or until we buy another house. lol. I sleep so much better with her next to me. It’s so easy to nurse. Right now she is in her play pen sleeping. Which I’m so not lugging up and down stairs, so it stays in our living room.

    1. He’s almost 9 months. We were co-sleeping too, but no one was getting good sleep! :/ Glad it’s working out for you though! I think I was still co-sleeping at 5 months…hmmm…the last few months are a blur, but I know I waited until he was past the whole SIDS risk age before I moved him to his crib the first time.

      1. That is incredible! This is the longest i have done it. With my oldest two, it was more by accident. We would fall asleep nursing. I’m sure it’s harder as they grow up. Little wiggle worms.

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