DIY: Valentine’s Day Door Wreath

I have a newfound love for holiday door wreaths. To be honest, I never cared about holiday decorations (especially on the OUTSIDE of the house) until I started staying at home with my son. The home is my domain. Yes, it’s usually a messy domain, 🙁 but my recent domestication has me embracing sewing and crafts as my new hobbies. One thing I learned very quickly, you can usually make something much cheaper yourself, rather than buying it.

See this Valentine’s Day door wreath below? It cost me about $7 to make.

Valentine's Day Fabric Door Wreath


All you need to make this wreath, is fleece fabric of your choice (I used red, pink, and white), a wreath, heart ornament (optional), 3 hair pins (ornament hooks or paper clips will also work), and yarn (extra fabric or rope can also work, as long as it’s 15′ worth).

Not going to lie, it’s a time-consuming door wreath. But it’s easy to do, inexpensive, and looks great! You can even have older children take turns helping.

For detailed instructions on how I did it, visit HERE.

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