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When I was pregnant with my son, I was hungry all the time (once the morning sickness passed, that is). I actually ate fairly healthy food, since greasy fast food made me ill…BUT I ate too many portions of the nutritious food, so in the end…I still gained too much weight. 🙁

I gained about 70 pounds (yikes!), but lost 35 within five days after delivering my son, so I obviously had a lot of water weight, etc. Since then, I’ve been slowly losing the rest. Around Thanksgiving I settled between 175-180 lbs., and I’ve been able to maintain that range through the holidays, in spite of the cookies, caramel brulee lattes, and dinner parties.

My first goal is to reach 165 lbs., my pre-pregnancy weight. After that, I’d like to concentrate on fitness. When I was in my best shape, I was 152 lbs., but I had little body fat and a lot of muscle (I’m 5′ 10″ tall). That’s where I’d like to be again, but I know that will require hours of running and weight training every week. That’s not so easy when you have a child, I learned quickly.

And then I heard about the Babywearing Workout…

The Babywearing Workout logo

When Kelli, the mom behind the Babywearing Workout contacted me, I was excited and motivated to kick the rest of this baby weight in the butt! The Babywearing Workout is a 30 minute program that you along with your baby can follow in your own home. I do it in our living room!

After Kelli had her daughter, she found herself constantly bouncing around with her daughter in a mei tai, trying to get her baby to sleep. Kelli decided to turn her bouncy movements into exercises to lose weight she gained while pregnant and before. She lost 70 pounds within 10 months!

Before and After: Kelli at 6 weeks and then 11 months postpartum
Before and After: Kelli at 6 weeks and then 11 months postpartum

Kelli was inspired to share her experiences and her workout program with other new moms, so they too can reach weight loss success without diet pills, or paying for a personal trainer or gym membership! You can read more about Kelli’s story by clicking HERE.

Our experiences:

After doing the Babywearing Workout for a week, I lost two pounds. Considering it’s the holidays, and what I’ve been eating, that’s definitely a success! I don’t know if I truly had more energy, or if the workout was a placebo effect, but I felt better about myself, and that made me energized. I’ve been using a Moby wrap but will be purchasing a mei tai carrier for working out in the future, since it’s a little more structured and supportive for Baby J.

I usually post personal photos with my reviews, but I’m still shy about my body and current weight. What I will do is post more photos down the road, as I lose more weight. I’ll update you all as I continue to do the workout. Especially wonderful is that I’ll soon have extra motivation and support…

The Babywearing Workout’s New Year’s Resolution- Weight Loss Challenge:

Starting January 14, Kelli and other new moms like her and me will be participating in The Babywearing Workout’s New Year’s Resolution- Weight Loss Challenge for 10 weeks! Through a private Facebook group, we’ll be able to hold one another accountable, as well as share tips and recipes. There will even be awesome prizes, including two Onya Baby Cruiser Carriers!

To learn more and purchase your own copy of the Babywearing Workout (DVD and download available), visit the Babywearing Workout Web site. Use code: RESOLUTION at checkout for a 15% off discount!!


Because Kelli is awesome, she’s offering several Babywearing Workout downloads as prizes for the Bellies to Babies giveaway that starts tomorrow, Jan. 5! Fans of the Babywearing Workout on Facebook will receive an extra entry, so head on over to Facebook and “like” Babywearing Workout today!

Note: I received a complimentary download of the Babywearing Workout to review and was not compensated for this post. I was not asked to write a positive review, and the opinions expressed above are my own and may differ from those of others.

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