Review: Nûby Medi•Nurser

Nûby sent me another fun product to share with you today!

A baby medicine dispenser, the Nûby Medi•Nurser is inexpensive and practical…and it’s something I wish I’d known about when my son was first born. As a breastfeeding mom, I was immediately prescribed a vitamin D supplement to give my son. Also, in the first couple of months, we often gave Baby J gripe water, since the poor little guy had bad gas.

A medicine dropper works, but I sometimes would squirt too much in his mouth for him to swallow. Then he’d end up spitting some of the medicine out, or it would just dribble out the corners of his mouth. It also took a while for him to get used to the taste.

The Medi•Nurser is designed like a tiny bottle with a nipple and measurements posted on the side. It helps medicine bypass most of your baby’s tastebuds and reduces the medicinal smell.

Now that Baby J is a toddler, I find the Medi•Nurser still convenient, for both medicine and vitamins. Baby J just holds the Medi•Nurser by himself and takes his medicine. The indentations on the side make it easy for him to grasp the bottle. He enjoys the independence, I think. 🙂

Poor little guy was sick with a cough and fever. Here Baby J is using his Medi Nurser to drink some soothing, natural cough syrup.
Baby J was able to get almost all the medicine out.

You can find the Medi•Nurser at (affiliate link>Amazon and BabyEarth.

If you’re not a follower of Nûby on their social media accounts, I highly recommend you follow them! They constantly host fun giveaways:

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