Review: Nûby Medi•Nurser

Nûby sent me another fun product to share with you today!

A baby medicine dispenser, the Nûby Medi•Nurser is inexpensive and practical…and it’s something I wish I’d known about when my son was first born. As a breastfeeding mom, I was immediately prescribed a vitamin D supplement to give my son. Also, in the first couple of months, we often gave Baby J gripe water, since the poor little guy had bad gas.

A medicine dropper works, but I sometimes would squirt too much in his mouth for him to swallow. Then he’d end up spitting some of the medicine out, or it would just dribble out the corners of his mouth. It also took a while for him to get used to the taste.

The Medi•Nurser is designed like a tiny bottle with a nipple and measurements posted on the side. It helps medicine bypass most of your baby’s tastebuds and reduces the medicinal smell.

Now that Baby J is a toddler, I find the Medi•Nurser still convenient, for both medicine and vitamins. Baby J just holds the Medi•Nurser by himself and takes his medicine. The indentations on the side make it easy for him to grasp the bottle. He enjoys the independence, I think. 🙂

Poor little guy was sick with a cough and fever. Here Baby J is using his Medi Nurser to drink some soothing, natural cough syrup.
Baby J was able to get almost all the medicine out.

You can find the Medi•Nurser at (affiliate link>Amazon and BabyEarth.

If you’re not a follower of Nûby on their social media accounts, I highly recommend you follow them! They constantly host fun giveaways:

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Review: Pink Blush Maternity clothes (and nursing too!)

When I was pregnant with Baby J, I bought a fairly extensive maternity wardrobe. Well, maybe it wasn’t. What’s extensive? But many of my friends seem to get by with yoga pants, a pair of jeans or two, and some tops. I, however, had to buy clothes appropriate for work (I was teaching full time), church (played in the church orchestra every Sunday), and the rest of the time. It was difficult to find things that were flattering and appropriate. Okay, some of what I bought wasn’t flattering. *sigh* I recently heard about Pink Blush Maternity (formerly Sweet Pea Maternity). It’s a company I wish I’d known about when pregnant. We do plan on having at least two more children, so next time, I know where to look!

Pink Blush contacted me about reviewing one of their tops or dresses. They offer trendy, cute, and affordable maternity clothing. Although I’m not currently pregnant, many of their clothes function as nursing wear, so I chose the Aqua Scrunchy Maternity/Nursing Maxi Dress to review. The dress appears to currently be sold out on their website. 🙁

Sorry about the overexposed photos! We didn’t have a good photo-taking opportunity.

 photo 46654d5a-ddd6-4697-adc8-8fa658b715e0_zps593a4a43.jpg
 photo 8ef5ec59-c277-48b8-9745-bd2f186d84c1_zps81bdb17b.jpg

My Experiences:

The dress is lovely with plenty of room to expand in the waist. I don’t think it looks like a “maternity dress” at all. I was planning on nursing my son in this dress, but go figure…he weaned a few days before the dress arrived! If you can tell in the photo above, the bra cups can actually be scrunched down. They will go all the way down if you want, completely exposing your breast, which is exactly what you need for nursing.

For reference, I’m 5’10,” 159 lbs., and wearing a size large. I think I could wear a medium though, because the bust wasn’t at all tight on the size large. I was a little concerned that “the girls” would fall out when I leaned over, but it wasn’t too risque. I wasn’t flashing a nip, anyway. My chest isn’t well-endowed anymore, and when I pulled on the cups, there was plenty of room for bigger “girls.”

The dress is lightweight and feels like nice quality…not cheap. I’ve washed the dress on cold, and hung it to dry without any issues. I wore it to the park and playground when it was at least 90 degrees outside, and I think it’s also the perfect dress for the beach. The only downside is if you uhm “glow” a lot like me, it could potentially show “glow” stains. I didn’t have any issues when I was walking briskly around the lake even though my body temperature was up from exercising. When I sat in my car, however, it took a while for my body to cool down. In the meantime, the back of my dress that was pressed against the car seat…well, there were “glow” marks on my lower back. 🙁 No sweat marks on the front though (away from the seat and towards the A/C vents), so that’s a plus!

As I mentioned above, I’m really excited about this company and look forward to wearing trendy maternity clothes during my next pregnancy! Seriously, where were these cute clothes when I was lumbering around town?

If my dress shows a little too much skin for your taste, Pink Blush has plenty of modest dresses and other maternity clothes. They have an awesome sale section, I’ve noticed. And standard shipping is $5 with free shipping on orders over $50. They also ship to Canada and other locations.

Note: I received a complimentary dress by Pink Blush Maternity to review. I was not otherwise compensated for this post. All opinions are mine and may differ from yours.

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Weaning from Breastfeeding- My Story (Part Two)

If you read my first post on weaning, you know that my son’s weight was down at his one year appointment to the 20th percentile. The pediatrician was encouraging me to feed him more whole cow’s milk and solids instead of/in addition to breastmilk. You’ll also know I was concerned about nursing my son while meeting my Army Reserve obligations. Well, these two concerns are what started the weaning process for Baby J and I. We went from about 6 feedings a day to 3 pretty much overnight. I tried to take him out during the day to the park, the mall, or the beach, so he had things other than nursing on his mind. I also offered him a sippy cup of whole cow’s milk constantly. My supply started to dwindle, and Baby J was getting frustrating by the nursing process. What used to take 5 minutes was sometimes taking 20 minutes. That’s a long time to stay still (relatively) for a one year old!

Baby J and I arrived back in Virginia just a few days ago after spending a week in Florida. Several days of that week away, I worked for my Army Reserve unit. My mom was watching my son nearby, but the hours varied, and I wasn’t always able to get back to nurse him at his regular times. I nursed him Sunday night on the 16th and left a few hours later for work. I didn’t get back until lunch time on Monday the 17th. I tried to nurse him, but his tummy was already full on solids and cow’s milk. He just smiled, poked me, and sat up. All right! I wasn’t going to argue with him. So I didn’t offer to nurse him anymore from that point on.

I thought I’d have issues with engorgement, but other than feeling a little tight and itchy for a couple of days, I haven’t had any issues. Baby J seems fine and happy. I think I’m struggling with it more! There was a time when I hated nursing so much. It was so painful those first 6-8 weeks. And constant! Baby J used me as a pacifier when he was a newborn. He wanted to be latched 24/7. I despised it, and sometimes I resented him for it. But now…now I miss those cuddly bonding moments. I miss snuggling my baby. I love my toddler. I love watching him discover new things, say new words, and just be adorable. But I miss him needing me in that way. I mean, anyone could feed him and take care of him now, right? 🙁 He doesn’t “need” me anymore. Okay, yes, he does. But not in the same way.  photo 3D38535B-ABFB-4291-A41A-663DEA77F0B2-3891-000002C4D0759573_zpsf859ae38.jpg  How old was your little one when he/she weaned? Was it an easy process or difficult?

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