CLOSED Giveaway: $100 American Express Gift Card, 12/18-31

Thanks to, one reader is going to win a $100 American Express gift card! With Christmas just a few days a way, I’m sure this prize will come in handy for someone. If you don’t need it to buy presents, what about paying for gas to see loved ones out of town? Or maybe use the GC to start preparing for spring break (I hear the beach calling!).
One thing I’ve been making a conscious effort of doing over the last couple of years is to take better care of my skin. I spent too many years in my early 20s on the beach or in a tanning salon after that popular bronzed look. I now have tiny “freckles” (or something like that) on my arms that I never had until a few years ago. I know that’s the skin damage that I can see, and I’m nervous about what I can’t see.
Skin cancer is on the rise. Did you know its the most common form of cancer? It’s increasing, and yes, it can kill. One of the most important ways you can protect yourself and your children is by using a sunblock on exposed skin. There are many kinds available. Some are geared specifically for sports activities or water. Other sunblocks are designed to be used on your face or even your lips (lip balm).

Note: I was compensated for this giveaway.

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