A Family Outing: National Museum of American History

Oh boy, did Baby J love this museum! He’s almost 20 months old, and trucks and trains are SO COOL in his eyes. I’m visiting my brother in DC, and he’s just a few blocks away from the National Mall, so Baby J and I took a walk over there yesterday. I wasn’t able to take many photos since my phone was dying, and I forgot my Halo Pocket Power…I’m kicking myself for that one! Anyway, to conserve my battery charge, I kept my iPhone off for most of our excursion.

Here are the few photos I did take:

Julia Child’s kitchen!
Baby J sitting in a train car from the first half of the 20th century. He’s confused why it’s not moving!
Train engine
Replica of a tobacco ship

To learn more about the National Museum of American History, visit americanhistory.si.edu

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