Getting ready for our trip to Florida!

You’ve heard of organized chaos, right? Well, I’m surrounded by chaos, and it is not organized. My living room floor has Army uniforms and gear spread all over. Toys and random objects are mixed in, making a huge jumbled mess. There are barely any clear spots to walk on! Baby J and I leave tomorrow for Florida. I have to work for the Army Reserve for four days, and then we’ll also spend a few with my parents. Mom quit her job a few weeks ago and is still looking for another, so she’s going to watch Baby J while I’m working. If I remember to take the right paperwork with me for once, I’m going to try to change my last name finally, and take on Hubby’s. He’ll stopped getting ribbed at work over it then. =D

I planned to get most of the packing done yesterday, but I ended up going to bed early. Couldn’t sleep though, so I just laid there. Baby J and I both have a cold, and last night it just really knocked me down: sore throat, chills, aches. I was worried it was the flu, but I don’t feel terrible enough for it to be the flu, so probably just a cold.

This will be my first time flying with Baby J, so I’m a little nervous. I’m a seasoned traveler though, so at least there’s that. I’m planning on buying some chocolate milk from Starbucks before we get on the plane. Hopefully with that in his sippy cup, he’ll be happy to drink as we’re taking off and landing, and I won’t have to worry about his little ears being in pain!

Ahhhhhh he’s so fussy right now. He just wants my attention, so I’m going to have to get off for now. I’ve got chicken on the stove anyway that’s almost done. I need to get him out of the house, probably, but there’s still so much here that I need to do. I’m hoping Hubby gets home early. Then maybe he can take Baby J out somewhere while I finish up.

Have you flown with a baby before? Any tips for me?


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  1. I’ve flown with a baby several times, and even though the thought of it gave me a mild panic attack at first, it ended up being a lot easier than expected. People are generally helpful, including TSA, when they see how full your hands are :). Lots of snacks/drinks and a couple of small brand new toys are good to have to distract the baby if needed. Our daughter flew at 3 months and 1 year, and both times went smoothly, mostly because she was just so excited to see all the neat stuff going on around her. That, and at a year old, she was trying to make friends with everyone on the plane. She had one spurt of fussiness on one flight (and you know how loud my kids are when they cry!), but I kept calm about it and did my best to distract her. The mom who was freaking out and getting all flustered about her crying child in the row behind me was getting looks and murmurs from other passengers, though, like they wished she could at least keep herself composed even though her baby couldn’t. So maybe that’s my advice: chances are, he’ll be fine, but don’t let yourself get frazzled if he melts down. It makes it ten times worse for both of you if at least one of you isn’t calm 😀

  2. It will be fine. It is easier than I thought. Just a thought if he still has his cold bring nasal spray for him (and you) because the ear pain is worse. A dr. Told me that when I had a cold before a long trip and it was really helpful.

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