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When I’m typing up blog posts, folding laundry, etc., I like to veg out and watch a little TV. We don’t have cable, but we do get Netflix and Hulu Plus. I wish I could list some documentaries here, or C-SPAN, or some edifying PBS shows, but I actually just like to be entertained. I mean, yes, I love to learn, but when I need a break, I don’t want to think. Some of my favorite current shows are:

  • McLeod’s Daughters
  • Downton Abbey
  • Bones
  • NCIS
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Top Gear: UK

1. A little background info on me, a few years ago, I loved watching horror movies and disturbing shows…vampires, zombies, ghosts, serial killers, and so on. When I was pregnant with my son, I started to feel differently about what I watched. I didn’t want that stuff in my mind anymore. I didn’t want to think about horrible things happening to people. Do horrible things still happen to people on the TV show Bones and NCIS? Yes, they do…but I just don’t find them as disturbing as Criminal Minds! I think those two shows are as lighthearted as shows can be that are about crime. And Gibbs…too bad he’s not real…cause he’s scrumptious. =D

2. McLeod’s Daughters and Downton Abbey are my guilty pleasures. Why? Because they’re more or less soap operas. Downton Abbey may contain historically accurate references and posh British accents…but let’s be real. It’s totally a soap. With McLeod’s Daughters I like that most of the women are very pretty, but some of them are just average, and there are very few pearly white teeth. Even the pretty girls are often depicted sweaty, with filthy fingernails, and stringy hair. I don’t know if the show realistically portrays the life of female farmers/cowgirls in Australia, but when they don’t look like they’ve stepped out of a fashion magazine, I can be convinced. I enjoy watching the show, because I see pretty and average women in less than perfect states. And the men…hmmm…tall, burly, Australian accents… =D

3. Once Upon a Time fulfills my fantasy cravings. I’m looking forward to seeing how the series turns out.

4. Parks & Recreation is hilarious. Season one started out a little rocky, but as the seasons continue, the characters seem to evolved and become more interesting and more believable.

5. And then there’s Top Gear: UK. I blame Hubby for my interest in this show. Let me be clear. I don’t really care about cars. I like nice-looking cars, but I don’t know half the makes and models of sports cars out there, and I don’t really understand the difference in the engines, etc. But this TV show is so funny! I’ve heard the American version is lame, but the UK cracks me up. These three grown men will compete in different vehicles, completing certain tasks. For example, in one show they were supposed to make caravans (camping trailers) out of cars. It was hysterical! The competition is just one aspect of the show. They do a lot of racing around tracks, off-road, etc. I really do enjoy watching it.

What about you? Do you watch TV? What shows do you enjoy watching?

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  1. Well, I still like Criminal Minds. I mean, really, my fourth child is Gideon. Not that we didn’t name him after the Biblical Gideon, but I won’t deny the show might have started us thinking about it. I enjoyed watching Call the Midwife online on PBS’s site, but they don’t have it available anymore now that it’s over on their station. Top Gear UK is funny. My hubby made me watch the camper one- priceless. I need to find something else to watch free when I’m cooking/cleaning late at night. I tried “Say Yes to the Dress” “Toddlers and Tiarras” and “Food obsessions” last night and didn’t care for any of them. I think I watched all the L&O SVU episodes that are online over a year ago. And I watch everything online too.

    1. I think I’ve watched all the way through the end of SVU season 14. I think it’s the last season? I saw a preview of Call the Midwife, and it looked really interesting, but I can’t get it on Netflix or Hulu Plus. That’s the one downside of not having cable. :/ I liked Say Yes to the Dress when I was planning my wedding, but it’s not interesting to me now. Toddlers and Tiaras makes me cringe! I used to watch Dance Moms quite regularly when I had cable though (shhhhhh).

  2. OMG I love Top Gear UK also! How funny it is in my que also. We got rid of cable 2 months ago and just do Netflix-way easier that I thought it would be!

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