Made it to Florida

Typing on my iPad today. I’m in Florida to visit my folks and do some work for the Army Reserve. I left my faulty laptop at home, and Hubby is planning on taking it in to the Apple Store AGAIN (for the third time).

My iPad actually isn’t picking up an Internet signal right now (not sure why), so I’m typing on my notes app and planning to copy and paste this later onto my blog.
Speaking of the Internet: remember dial up? You’d click on a website, go make a sandwich, come back, and it still wouldn’t be loaded? Times have sure changed. Sometimes I wonder if all this technology is for the better. I mean, sure technology can save lives and make things more convenient. I think we just have to be  hecareful to still develop meaningful relationships with people. And books! I had a Kindle (I broke it), and now I use a Kindle app on my iPad. But I still love a good paperback book. And the smell of its pages. Mmmmm. My two bookshelves are overloaded though, double and triple stacked, and they take up too many boxes when we move. So e-books make sense for our lifestyle. I hope my children will still know what going to the library and browsing books will be like. They’re all ready not going to know what it’s like to visit a movie store to rent a video. That was a special, fun treat growing up.
Yesterday was an interesting day of travel. Maybe I’ll blog about it once I can think about it without being overwhelmed. We were supposed to leave Virginia at 9:25 and arrive in Florida just after 2. Instead, we left Virginia at 2:30 and arrived at 7:30. That makes it sound much more simple than it was. We had something like 6 delayed flights, 1 cancelled flight, 1 missed connection, and they eventually had to reroute us through a different airport. Baby J did beautifully, all things considered, but he’s beyond exhaustion today. He barely slept last night. He’s napping right now, and I’m hoping its going to be a long one! He needs it.

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