Buying Christmas presents is stressful!

Well, I haven’t posted anything personal in a few days, just giveaway posts that I’m participating in. But I have been working on several different posts. I’ll be posting reviews on a product by Pish Posh Baby and Little Green Pouch. I also finished a DIY project (made my own Christmas door wreath), and I have a cooking post, so I have been quite busy…it’s just a matter of getting it all typed up. Blogging takes a lot of time. I never realized that before I started blogging, but it does. I have to resize all the photos I upload plus add my blog’s name at the bottom. The layout of a post can take a while as well. I determine what I want where. How do the photos fit with the text? Which photos should I use? And on it goes. I’ve noticed quite a few bloggers don’t edit their posts and probably type in a hurry, because their material is riddled with grammatical errors. I always edit mine. That isn’t to say that I don’t make mistakes, because I know that I do! But I try to catch them.

(A little note on grammatical errors: If you’re a grammar nazi, you’ll probably notice that I start sentences with conjunctions and end sentences with prepositions. Yes, I’m aware that is incorrect to some, but when I blog I try to maintain a personable tone. I don’t want to sound stilted or academic. I want people to be able to relate to me and what I’m saying.)

I finally ordered a Christmas present for hubby tonight. I think he’ll like it, but I wonder if it’s enough? He’s difficult to buy for, because if there’s something he wants, he just goes and gets it. There’s no wish list. At least, not within my price range. I could probably tell you what I got him, because he never reads my blog, but just in case, I’d better not…

Buying Christmas presents is stressful to me! I start to think about who I SHOULD be giving a gift too, and before I know it, the list is really long, and I just can’t afford it. This year, my hubby and his siblings and their spouses (so that’s me too) are doing a gift exchange. We each drew one name, and that’s the person we’re buying for. I can most definitely appreciate that! It takes some of the stress away.

I’ve actually been planning on making quite a few Christmas presents. I have the materials I need; I just haven’t found the time. That’s not true. My MIL has been here for two weeks, and she’s been doing an awesome job of watching my son and cleaning up around the house. So I had more than enough time to finish the projects. Now that I’m sitting here typing…I have NO IDEA WHAT I JUST SPENT THE LAST TWO WEEKS OF MY LIFE DOING! What a waste! Time management is always something I’ve struggled with.

Anyway, I’m going to look up a few more things on the Web and then get to bed.

Have a wonderful night!

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  1. As a college English/writing teacher, may I encourage you that there is nothing wrong with beginning a sentence with a conjunction or ending with a preposition. And I say this (notice my conjunction, lol) based on rules and not on simply giving up. Keep on keepin’ on!

    1. Gasp! Things have changed a lot since I was at school there! Hahah! Actually, I remember Dr. Chapman blowing my mind in Advanced Grammar when he threw half the rules I’d been previously taught out the window.

      1. Haha! Actually, it probably hasn’t changed, but here’s the difference: some rules are taught to younger or less experienced students because without the refined understanding necessary to make difficult judgment calls with writing, it’s just safer to say “don’t do this” because chances are, if they do it, it wasn’t done correctly. Once the writer is more advanced, however, he can differentiate between when something is ok and when it isn’t. For example, my teacher in high school made us think that starting a sentence with “There is” or “There are” was as bad of an error as a fragment, run-on, or spelling error. When I was older, I realized that she probably had simply recognized a common problem in our writing and was trying to help us learn how to use that construction less, since it’s not as powerful a construction as something else might be. It’s not really an error, but she was probably trying to increase the quality of our writing and get us to use more vivid verbs.

        Anyway, sorry that’s long. But what I was trying to say is that some rules are taught so that less experienced writers will make fewer errors, but more experienced writers can decide when the rule doesn’t apply.

        1. That’s a great point! I think the same thing is applied to many areas like music. I remember my cello teacher drilling technique into my head. When I commented that Yo Yo Ma’s technique was terrible, my teacher basically said when you’re that good, you can do whatever you want!

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