Wordless Wednesday: 4/9/14

 photo 92BA3406-AEA8-47C9-9BBC-0C0CD6371530_zpsxrxc6jw4.jpg

 photo 2AF3623F-946F-4AF1-A4A4-B088303149C6_zpsajoejqvr.jpg

 photo E39F3640-6F14-44EE-A001-EEDB5997C376_zpsqpnyx2pp.jpg

 photo 81A66AFC-7256-4C0F-B8DA-2B53F86AF58A_zpsfj4y7ref.jpg

 photo 21CF1091-393B-4055-A69E-02BAFFF9E54F_zpsrjjlesei.jpg

How is the weather where you’re at? Have you been able to make it outside at all?

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  1. We actually have had snow the last 2 days. However, the sun has returned and I am hopeful for rising temps to start melting more of the snow cover so we can see grass by Memorial Day.

  2. Aww looks like they are having so fun. Is that his Lola with him? Are they in a lake or beach? The weather is pretty and my kids and I were out in the park walking with some other friends.

    1. Hi Jhady! Yes, that’s Baby J’s Lola. =D She’s visiting for a few weeks, yay! We were at the Chesapeake Bay, off the Atlantic. I’m glad you were able to get outside!

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