Who screws up cooking breakfast food??? I do…

I’ve been remiss in my blog posts. Two days ago I posted too much and then yesterday…nothing. Or maybe it was three days ago, and nothing the last two? Anyway, I have white wine reducing on the stovetop right now for a delicious sauce for ravioli…hubby’s dinner request. The next 2 days of dinner I also have planned out: corn chowder and chicken parmesan meatloaf. I hope they turn out better than Friday night’s breakfast dinner. You may wonder who can screw up cooking breakfast food. The answer- I can. I bought this buckwheat pancake mix from the grocery store instead of the white flour kind, because I wanted to make semi-healthy breakfast for myself and J. Friday night I used it for the second time as dinner. They looked freaking weird! I’m attaching a photo as proof. It’s sad that I can’t even make a pancake properly. I’m hoping this ravioli turns out better than the pancakes… more to follow

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