A Note on Motherhood

I wrote this a while ago, but haven’t posted it yet, because of some personal details in the writing. I decided to just delete that part! If you don’t know me, you’ll have to use your imagination and insert your own storyline.

When I went to college, I attended a fairly small Christian school where the emphasis for women was very much to get engaged by graduation and married the following year. I saw many of my friends and acquaintances follow this path. I think the fact that sex outside of marriage was a big taboo also contributed to the marrying craze. =D…DELETE CONTENT…The next 7 years I lived for myself. I don’t regret that completely. It’s what made me who I am today. But there are a few things I wish I hadn’t done. I traveled and saw the world, and that was amazing. I had opportunities my married friends have never had nor ever will have. I saw a lot of things. Some things I wish I hadn’t seen. But there were good things too. I cultivated a career and furthered my education. I have no doubts that I could have “gone far” and been “successful” in the public’s eye.I work hard. Looking ahead, I saw myself in a few years as a successful single woman in my 30s living in the city with a wood-floored condo and a busy social life. But then I fell in love with a man I’d known for several years. I didn’t expect it to happen. And then the unthinkable…I suddenly realized I wanted a child, and with that all the constraints of parenthood. So here I am. I’m a housewife and a stay-at-home mom. I change poopy diapers and cook dinner while other women go out and change the world. My opportunity is gone. Yeah…I may never again see the waves roll across an Australian beach or hear the busy tumult of an African market, but I wake up every morning to a sweet, toothless smile on my little boy’s fat-cheeked face. And I have realized that is all I need.

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