Waking up crabby (a continuation of yesterday’s crabbiness)

Yesterday I was crabby. Here’s how it started. My hubby insisted on getting the windows of his car tinted at a shop four hours north of us, because they use some particular tint that he wanted. This shop was about 45 minutes from where his sister and her family live, so it wasn’t that big of a deal to begin with. We just stayed with them that weekend. The day after the windows were tinted (a Sunday, so the shop was closed), hubby discovered what looked like permanent marker on the window. It looked like one of the tints was cut too short, and the worker tried to cover it up by using a black marker on the window. Well, wouldn’t you know? This shop won’t do warranty work on Saturdays. So he took yesterday off from work and drove up there. They said it would take a couple of hours, but of course that meant five hours. By the time it was finished, traffic was horrendous, so he never came home. He spent the night at his sister’s house. I spent the night alone with baby. Friday night. The night we were supposed to get stuff done around this apartment. Now, I realize that it’s irrational to be irritated at him. So I’m not irritated at HIM. I’m just irritated in general…at the entire situation. I’m a little less irritated this morning. A little less. He should be home soon, and I’m not going to work my butt off all day today. I’m going to relax a bit first. 🙂

That’s my vent for the morning.

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