What DID I do today?

Well, today was a busy day. Although, as usual, when I actually list what I completed, it doesn’t seem like that much. Do any other moms feel like this? Like you’re busy all day, but nothing really got done?

I did do the diaper laundry. For once, it was actually sunny all day, so I was able to save some electricity and dry the majority of the diapers outside. I love being able to sun dry the diapers. It’s great for disinfecting and whitening them.

Mr. Stinky Pants and I went to Hancock Fabrics to pick up a few items I needed for DIY projects. I ran out of thread for my table-cloth/place mat project. We also stopped at the grocery store and picked up a few things.

Oh, and Hubby came home for lunch, and I cooked for him. So I did get some stuff done…

And I bathed Mr. Stinky Pants! Okay, so there’s a few things on my list =D

I’ve been planning on baking cookies for my husband’s duty section on his ship, but I really suck at baking cookies. I know that sounds ridiculous; cookies are very easy to make. But my problem is I burn them. I always burn at least the first batch and usually the second. To skip some steps, today I bought one of those premade cookie batches in a tube. It’s the peanut butter kind, and I bought some Hersheys milk chocolate chips to go in them. So peanut butter chocolate chips for his coworkers. Here’s hoping I don’t burn ALL of them!

I have “Heathers” playing on Netflix right now. Can you believe I’ve never seen it before? Considering all the active shooter situations lately, you’d think this was a recent movie based on recent events. It’s labeled as a dark comedy, but I’m not really seeing the comic side.

Once I get the baby in bed (he’s napping near me in the swing right now…didn’t want me to leave him alone in bed), I’m going to work on cleaning up some more. I have some bins of teaching materials I need to go through and consolidate. Although I’m not teaching right now while Jeremiah’s a baby (and since we’re moving to Europe soon), I do plan on teaching again.

So that’s about it for today. Not very exciting. That’s my life. Not exciting. Not anymore.


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