Setting a world record: The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2013

About a year ago, I spied photos of a Facebook friend attending The Great Cloth Diaper Change at a U.S. base in Germany. What in the world is this? I thought. A Guinness Book World Record about diaper changing? What?!

At the time I still hadn’t decided if I was going to cloth diaper my son full-time or not. I’d purchased a couple cloth diapers for him, but I was still pregnant and had no idea what life with a newborn was going to be like. When my husband figured out how much we were spending a week on disposables, that pushed him toward cloth, and by 2-months old, Baby J was cloth diapered full time. Remembering the photos I saw of the Change, I couldn’t wait to attend myself and hopefully help set a new record!

Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed by Guinness yet, as of April 26, 2013, the Real Diaper Association believes we have set a NEW record of 8,331 babies being changed! More than 10,000 babies were actually changed as part of the event, but not all locations qualified, due to strict Guinness regulations. Last year, 8,251 babies were changed; and in 2011 the record was 5,026. It’s exciting to see a yearly increase!

Here are some photos from The Great Cloth Diaper Change April 20, 2013. I attended at the Virginia Beach Diaper Junction location, and 95 babies were changed!

(My bangs are so 1992 in these photos; it’s embarrassing. Don’t judge!)

The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2013 Collage

 Did you attend The Great Cloth Diaper Change this year?


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  1. It was interesting to have witnessed such an event! I have never heard of it before. It’s a new thing. I did use cloth diapers for all my 3 children when they were born, way back in the 80s, but they weren’t as nice as the ones that are made now. Anyway, I’m glad I went to this event, and was able to take these pictures of Jeremiah. I’ve enjoyed the day myself, seeing these many babies being changed all at the same time!

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