Remaking memories from childhood- family game night

Although our family is small and young, I’ve already started planning things I want to do in the future when Baby J is old enough (and hopefully when we have more kids). I want to homeschool my son and watch his little eyes light up as he grows and learns. I also look forward to spending time together on family bike rides, picnics, trips to the fair, and you get the idea… Yes, some of these activities we already do, but Baby J doesn’t enjoy them now the way I know he will in a few years.

We’re surrounded by technology, and that’s not a bad thing, by any means. But I think it’s important to balance technology with human interaction. Technology should complement our lives, not be the center of them. One thing I remember doing often with my siblings and occasionally my parents growing up, was playing board games. It was a fun way to spend time together, especially on cold winter nights in Northwest Ontario!

I want to incorporate family game night into our lives for a few reasons: it’s fun, it’s inexpensive, and it builds unity within the family. It’s a way for families to slow down and just spend time enjoying each other’s company. Games can also be a learning opportunity. Many board games require strategy to play or quick thinking.

The games I remember playing the most with my brothers were: (affiliate links)

1. Candyland- I loved this as a little girl! The colors and candy part are super fun, and it’s easy for little kids to play.

2. Monopoly- A great game for all ages. It teaches strategy, money management, etc.

3. Clue- This one was a favorite, because I figured out quickly how to bluff and beat my brothers.

These two games aren’t board games, but we played them a great deal as well:

1. Uno- promotes quick thinking!

2. Dutch Blitz- like Uno, you have to think quickly, but you also need to move quickly too.

These games are nostalgic for me, so they’re probably the ones I’ll introduce to Baby J. But if you don’t want to go old school with games, visit this article to see how to bring family game night into the 21st century.

Here are a few fun facts about Family Game Night (sponsored content):

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Do you have a family game night? What are your favorite games?

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  1. You know what, I’m 43 years old and I STILL appreciate the consistent board game/puzzle time my grandma gave me as a child. It really does matter. 🙂

  2. I agree with you. I don’t have kids, but it drives me nuts when I see people ignoring their kids because they are on their phones. When hubs and I go out to eat, we usually see at least one table where everyone, including the small kids are staring down at a screen around the table.

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