Looks like rain…again…

It rained all day yesterday, which was unfortunate for me, since it was diaper wash day. I ended up having to dry everything in the dryer. It’s a waste of electricity. Stupid nature. Don’t you want me to help save you!?

So I told Hubby last night: “Guess what!? I’ve lost weight!” 

Hubby: “Good for you, Babe! That’s awesome!”

Me: “Do I look skinnier?”

loooong pause. awkward look from my husband.

Hubby: “I don’t know.”

Me: “What do you mean, you don’t know?!”

Hubby: “So do you want me to start paying attention to how you look?”


It’s come to that. *sigh*

I still have about 20 pounds to go until I hit my pre-baby weight. Well, it’s probably less than 20, because my boobs are bigger. That has to count for something, right? My pre-baby weight isn’t my ideal weight though. My dream is to have the post-basic training body I once had. I never understood how some girls went through boot camp and looked virtually the same. One girl even gained weight…in all the wrong places. By the time I finished all my Army training (I’m including AIT here, where I learned my Army military occupational speciality [it’s just a fancy word for a job]), I had nice, ripped abs and could pump out a decent number of pushups for a woman. I’m not going to share the number here. I’m just going to say it was a decent number, okay? Probably more than you can do! Unless you’re a dude, or built like a dude. The reality is I will probably never get back to that fitness level. There’s no way I have time to hit the gym for hours every day.

In other news, I had an argument with a friend about cloth diapers last night. I’m going to write a post convincing him, and other unbelievers, that cloth is awesome! I’m actually a little offended (just mildly), that he thinks I can’t come up with any decent arguments. Obviously he hasn’t read any of my articles. *humph* I’m a decent journalist. I’m actually award-winning, and my articles and photography have appeared in many high-profile places and outlets. But I’m not going to brag. I never brag. Well, almost never. I brag to my friends. But I’m not one of those people who posts every military ribbon or award photo to Facebook. Even though I could. I’m pretty sure the number of awards I have blows any of my peers out of the water. “Oh, you just got THAT award? Good for you. I have two.” I’d have to either kill 30 bad guys or drag 30 good guys out of a burning building to get another award. Okay, that was bragging.

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  1. Girl, the weight loss is just like a marriage and motherhood……it is a work in progess! You will lose it, and like you said you just simply do not have the time to spend hours in the gym. I tried to make it a point to walk everywhere when Gabriel was a newborn (up till around age 1, when it was hard to take him everywhere with me without him having a breakdown in public). I live very close to two major supermarkets, eateries, really you name it, so since I didn’t work the first year after I gave birth, I would try to incorporate walking to the store to do grocceries, or walking to get my nails done, etc. Again whenever feasible, obviously I could only do grocceries if it wasn’t a large quanitiy (I made that mistake before, it was a very long, slow and exhausting walk back home). But before you know it, the inches and or pounds were shedding off. I also looked around at near by, affordable gyms that offered daycare. I found one, less than 5 miles or so away and I try to go whenever I can now. But like I said, it is a total work in progess, I still have roughly 5-10lbs of pre-baby weight. And yes, your boob weight does count! Especially if you are still breast-feeding. It sounds like Jay is supportive of you losing the rest of the weight, whether he is oblivious to it or not! So was my husband, oh by the way. But just recently, after returning from about a 2 month mission for Fort Hunter Leggit, I was surprised when he walked into the bathroom, while I was taking the shower, he made the comment, “well you have lost some weight, babe”. That was a huge ego booster for me, as my husband does not give compliments on a regular! haha. But it goes to show that they do notice things, and funny enough, I really didn’t even lose one pound, but I apparently lost inches from the workouts I have been trying to stay committed to doing.

    1. I think that needs to be my focus: losing the inches not the pounds. You know, getting toned and fit and less so what I weigh. I’ve thought about looking at gyms with daycare, but I don’t know if we can afford that right now. I can have Jay watch the baby while I go running, but then there’s something I’m not doing…like the laundry that I need to go do right now! But I guess I just have to start doing that…make the fitness a priority, and just let something slide for a while so I can work out. I had a lot of water weight that came off within a few days after the baby was born. Since then, I’ve lost 10 pounds in 3 months of actual fat. So it’s slow going. But at least it’s going! You look fantastic, by the way!

  2. Hubby’s a butt… lol I can say that because he’s my brother 😀

    Anyway, I just wanted to say, I loved your not-bragging section! LOL I felt like my brain was running in circles trying to keep up with how much you “weren’t” bragging. It’s okay, though, and I’m not making fun… You deserve to show what you’ve received. That’s what awards were meant for! It shows you stand out from the rest… the one who put the extra effort – not just the required effort – into what you’re doing.

    Encouraging words: 1) You’ll lose the weight all in good time (you JUST had baby) and yes, the boobs do count for extra weight. 2) Kudos to all cloth diaper users, I admire your ability to keep barf down when washing down the poop. Keep on keeping on! 3) Congrats on the several awards that you aren’t showing 😉

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