*Gasp* Could it be?! Cloth diapers in a major retail store!

When we moved to Virginia Beach almost a year ago, I was thrilled to discover Mabu Baby Cloth Diapers in our local Walmart. I was even more excited to realize our local Navy exchanges carry Bumkins All-In-One cloth diapers. On Friday, I saw that a beautiful display of Charlie Banana products had finally made it to our Target- right in the center of the baby section. I’ve been hearing rumors this would be happening but had no idea when! I also spotted some iPlay cloth swim diapers.

Cloth diapers are a wonderful way to save money and clearly better for the environment. Read my post on choosing cloth over disposables HERE. I hope that as cloth diapers become more prevalent in major retail stores, they’ll gain more awareness in the parenting community.

Charlie Banana
Pocket diapers, swim diapers/trainers, wet bags, and disposable inserts! More colors and products are on the other side of this display.
iPlay cloth swim diapers
 Have cloth diapers come to your local retail stores?

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