Cooking with the MIL!

My mother in law is still in town, and we’re cooking together tonight! She’s Filipino, so she’s teaching me to make suman. It’s a sweet rice cake. The rice is cooked almost all the way in coconut  milk. Then it’s wrapped in banana leaves and steamed. There’s a lot of sugar involved too, so I wouldn’t call it a healthy snack, but it’s a yummy one!

It’s already pretty late tonight, and we’re still aways from being finished, so I won’t be posting the recipe tonight…just a few photos to whet your palate!

Suman Ingredients
Sticky Rice- We used brown sweet rice to make the suman a little more nutritious.
Rice cooked in coconut milk
Drying the banana leaves after washing

You’ll have to come back tomorrow to see the finished product! Have a great night!

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