The trouble with Facebook….

You like giveaways, right? And reading product reviews? Well, unless you make a point to visit my blog regularly, you’re probably missing some of them.

Since Facebook went public, they’ve been finding more and more avenues to make money, in my opinion. Obviously the investors want a profit. One way Facebook has been doing so is pushing companies and even bloggers towards paying for ad space. You know all those ads on the right side of your Facebook screen? Yup, those. But most bloggers can’t afford to pay for advertising.

I have over 4,000 Facebook fans, but only about 188 people have seen my most recent status. 28 people saw the last link I shared. And the last photo? 31. We (bloggers) have learned over the last year that the more interaction on a particular post, the more of our fans Facebook will show that post to. That means every time you click “like,” or comment, or share one of my posts (status, link, etc.), more people will see it.

So if you want to make sure you’re seeing what I’m blogging, please consider the following:

1. Click “like” when I post something on Facebook! It takes less than a second of your time and ensures my posts will keep showing up in yours and other people’s news feeds.

2. Join me on Google+. See the social media buttons to the top right? Underneath the text that says “Connect with Me”? You can also follow me on Stumbleupon, Twitter, and Pinterest, but I’ll be steadily working on building up my Google+ community. I’m also on Instagram as emegburg.

3. Sign up for my email subscriptions through the box on your right. The only emails I send to my subscribers are excerpts of new blog posts, so if I post anything, you’ll get notification about it. I’ll never use your email address for any other purpose or give it to a third party. You can always unsubscribe, if you decide it’s not for you!

And that’s it! I appreciate your support. I’m excited about all the possibilities next year will bring!

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  1. That is intense. I have a lot of things in my feed, but I know I miss things occasionally. I don’t manage any pages, so it’s just not something I really think about.

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