Unsponsored Amazon Fresh Review

Balancing my life is always a work in progress. I try to cook somewhat-healthy meals for my family, but I’m constantly tempted to grab take out. Life is busy, right? I like to order groceries from Amazon Fresh and have them delivered to our door. It’s been a huge help and made my life less stressful.

J and I have been Amazon Prime members for probably around a decade now. We use Amazon often: cat food, bird food, toilet paper, clothes, etc. And now I’ve been using Amazon’s grocery delivery service, Amazon Fresh, for a few months.

Ordering is simple!

I pay to use Amazon Fresh because the convenience is worth it to me. For example, I went to visit my parents in Florida this summer, and I was able to order groceries while I was there and have them delivered right after I got home.

Keep in mind that our flight wasn’t going to land until close to midnight Saturday night, and on Sunday, I would have to take my MIL back to her house in Virginia. There’s more to it than that, but anyway, the point is I started to stress out at how much had to get done as soon as I got home and how little time I had to do it.

Then I remembered I could just have groceries delivered, which would save me 1-2 hours on a Sunday afternoon. Huge stress relief! And that’s what I did.

I’ve ordered through the Amazon website, and I’ve also ordered using the Amazon app on my iPhone, so it’s something I truly can do on the go.

I’m signed up to receive status updates and notifications about my orders. This one was for a late-night delivery.

When I go to order, the first thing I do is reserve a delivery time. You can choose either attended or doorstop delivery. Basically, do you want the delivery driver to ring your door bell and wait for you, or just leave your stuff there? I go with the latter, and I’m signed up for text alerts, so I know when my groceries have been dropped off outside my door.

Once you choose a delivery window, that time slot is held for you for 1 hour, so you have 1 hour to fill your “cart” and check out. You can go into the account after the fact and add more things to your order if they haven’t started filling it yet. Amazon will list a time on their site that you have to finish managing/changing your order by. Since I’m signed up for notifications, Amazon will also send me a message letting me know by what time I need to finish making updates to my order.

We signed up for the Amazon Fresh subscription service, so we pay a monthly fee of $14.99. Additionally, we have to buy at least $50 of groceries, or we’ll be charged a delivery fee of $9.99. That’s never been an issue because I always order more than $50 of groceries! There’s an automatic tip of $5 applied to the order, but you can change it up to 24 hours after the delivery. It used to take me 2 hours at the grocery store to shop and checkout every weekend, and that didn’t include driving. For example, if I want to go to Whole Foods, it takes 20-45 mins just to get there depending on traffic. Twenty mins would be first thing Saturday morning.

So not counting the tip, I pay $14.99 a month to not spend 8+ hours driving to and from and in the grocery store. That’s like 3 of my macchiatos from Starbucks. I love coffee, but I’d rather have the grocery delivery! Oh, and Amazon Fresh delivers Whole Foods brand stuff too, so it’s a win-win for me.

The delivery service isn’t perfect. Sometimes something gets broken. I had a yogurt container break once, not enough to make a mess in the delivery bag, but obviously I wasn’t going to eat it after that. I immediately went online to my Amazon account and filed for a refund since the product was damaged. It was an easy process.

Cracked yogurt container

The worst thing that has happened so far is that one time the delivery driver forgot to deliver one of my bags. I received my freezer items packed in dry ice and my bag of dry goods, but the bag of fridge items wasn’t on my doorstep.

I immediately contacted Amazon. The rep refunded that bag, and she said she would contact the driver to see the driver could still bring the groceries.

Well, the bag did show up on my doorstep, but it was about 5 hours later. Amazon packs the fridge bags with frozen water bottles instead of ice packs, and the water in the bottles in my fridge bag were starting to melt by that point. I tossed most of the food because I wasn’t sure it was safe. I kept the eggs and some of the salad stuff.

The food arrives in paper bags that have been taped closed.
Freezer items arrive inside an insulated sleeve with dry ice on top.
Fridge items arrive in a big plastic bag with frozen water bottles instead of ice packs. We dig free bottled water. 🙂

That was a very disappointing experience. Even though my money was refunded, I still had to go out to the grocery store. That’s what I was trying to avoid in the first place.

A forgotten bag has only happened once. As long as that unfortunate experience stays a rarity, I’m going to continue to use Amazon Fresh. The convenience is perfect for our current lifestyle, and the monthly fee is worth it for us.

Right now, if Amazon Fresh is offered in your area, and you are an Amazon Prime member, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial.

(Affiliate link below: If you purchase anything through my link, I will earn a small fee that I will most likely spend on toys for my budgie, Deathrooper.)

Have you ever used Amazon Fresh? If so, what did you think?

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Labor & Delivery Packing List

A couple days ago, I came across the original packing list I made for the hospital when Baby J was born. I thought it might help someone to share, so that’s what I’m doing! I did end up changing some things last minute, so I’ve added that info next to specific items in the list. When it comes down to it though, something that may be a necessity for me will not be for another woman, and vice versa.

Newborn Baby J

For me

  • Two bed pillows with favorite cases *Ended up packing one king-size pillow with a plush case. Would take it again.
  • Lotion or massage oil *Took lotion
  • Warm socks *The hospital had socks that I ended up wearing. They’re going to get nasty, so if you bring your own, bring several pairs.
  • Toothpaste, toothbrush, and mouthwash
  • Lollipops for dry mouth *Didn’t pack them. They gave me ice chips at the hospital, which worked fine.
  • Chapstick or lip gloss
  • Paper fan *Didn’t pack. Not sure it would’ve helped anyway.
  • Wooden back massager *Never used it.
  • Nightgown(s) that opens in the front for nursing *Very helpful!
  • Robe and slippers *Hospital provided a robe, but my slippers came in handy.
  • Nursing cover *Not needed
  • Panties and nursing bras *I wore the hospital mesh panties the first day, then switched to my own large granny panties.
  • Comfortable maternity clothes and shoes to wear home *I wore the same pants, top, and shoes that I wore to the hospital.
  • Jacket or hoodie
  • Toiletries and cosmetics
  • dry shampoo *To touch up my roots before taking post-labor photos!
  • pads *The hospital ones aren’t that great. Buy some giant overnight, super absorbent maxi pads

For Hubby 

  • Snacks for labor *You probably won’t want him leaving your side and heading to the food court, so bring food!
  • Phone numbers and change or a phone card or cell phone
  • Change of clothing
  • Toiletries 
  • Air mattress *Hubby didn’t need it. They had a pull out couch/chair in the delivery room.

For All of Us

  • iPod with speakers and charger *Never used it.
  • Cameras for birth / baby photos 
  • Cell phone chargers
  • Boppy *I ended up leaving the Boppy in the car and using a regular pillow to nurse. After going home and nursing with a Boppy, I regretted my original decision. A nursing pillow is very helpful and makes things easier!
  • batteries or chargers for cameras

For Baby 

  • Going home clothes (2 sets), including a hat, and blanket, and mittens or socks for his hands *Next time I’ll bring some sleep sacks and onesies. I never could figure out how to swaddle Baby J in the hospital blankets.
  • Car seat already installed in the back seat of the car 
  • Newborn diapers *Next time, we’re bringing cloth diapers! Also, the hospital provided us with plenty of disposable diapers while we were there and sent some home with us. However, they were Size 1, and Baby J fit newborn for several weeks.

Additionally, we packed pens and a notepad for filling out paperwork and taking notes. Don’t forget your wallet and IDs!

Have any comments for me? Questions? What did you pack or what do you plan on packing?
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