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Welcome to the Santa’s Little Helper Giveaway Hop, hosted by Viva Veltoro and So Easy Being Green!

We all know that everyone could use a little help around the holidays, so for this event I’ve teamed up with more than 50 other bloggers to be your Santa’s Little Helper… giving away prizes that anyone would want to see under the tree! You might find the perfect gift for a little one on your list – or even for yourself, so hop around to all the blogs, including the GRAND PRIZE, on the linky at the bottom of this post!

Here on My Life: A Work in Progress, thanks to my sponsors at Precidio Design, I’m giving away a PURE glass bottle ($24.95) and a Juice in the Box ($11.99). These two drink containers are perfect to help you and your little one make smart, healthy, green choices this holiday season and beyond. Or give them away as gifts to someone else! Either way, these containers are sure to make someone happy.

Read my review on the PURE glass bottle HERE and the Juice in the Box HERE. Both are also featured in my Holiday Gift Guide, which you can view HERE.

 Santa's Little Helper Giveaway- Win a PURE glass bottle and Juice in the Box on My Life: A Work in Progress

Terms & Conditions: Sweepstakes open to residents of the US and Canada. Must be 18 years or older. Void where prohibited by law. Two entrants allowed per household. Odds of winning depend on total number of eligible entries received. Once winner has been selected and emailed, winner will have 48 hours to respond or new winner will be randomly selected. If winner is Canadian resident, the winner must answer a skills question before receving prizes. Winner’s names may be posted on this blog and other social media and Web sites. My Life: A Work in Progress is not responsible for prize fulfillment. Color of Juice in the Box may vary. Sweepstakes not associated with Facebook or any other social media platform. Entrance into the sweepstakes indicates acceptance of these terms and conditions.


The hosts of this hop have put together a Grand Prize Package for a lucky little one! This Santa’s Little Helper is going to deliver to one lucky reader… a $100 Gift Card to and a $100 Gift Card to to get that little one styling, a $75 Gift Card to, and a $50 GC to Build-a-Bear to satisfy their Toy List, and a Crane USA Adorable Cool Mist Humidifier and Nightlight, so they can sleep soundly waiting on St. Nick!

Enter the Grand Prize Here.


Note- So Easy Being Green, Viva Veltoro, the Blogging Mamas Network, and the Santa’s Little Helper participating bloggers including My Life: A Work in Progress are not responsible for sponsors who do not fulfill prize obligations.

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Review: Digital Camo Tungsten Ring #holidaygiftguide

The folks at sent me a complimentary Digital Camo Tungsten Ring to review (well, really it was for hubby not me!).

Digital camo tungsten ring- Find it on My Life: A Work in Progress


Tungsten World is an online purveyor of- you guessed it- tungsten! They offer tungsten wedding rings and bands and tungsten carbide rings at competitive prices. The Beveled Digital Camouflage Wedding Band currently retails for $189. Available in either a 6mm or 8mm width, this durable ring is made with tungsten carbide and has polished beveled edges. The digital pattern is engraved on the flat center section. Laser engraving options are available. For information on their Lifetime Replacement Warranty, click HERE.

Our Experiences:

Hubby already had two tungsten wedding bands, so we’re familiar with this type of ring. The first was a band that I gave him, but whatever metal was alloyed with the tungsten gives him a rash on his finger. So he only wears that ring for short periods of time and bought another for wearing at work. With that in mind, we knew that this digital camo ring could potentially irritate his skin, and we’re happy that it has not. He’s been wearing it almost every day for three weeks.

We took the site’s sizing advice regarding Comfort Fit and, based on the rings he already has, we requested a 1/2 size smaller than he’d usually wear. J says the fit’s good, but the ring did fly off his finger a couple days ago at the grocery store. It was cold both outside and inside, so the cool air was probably a contributor. Tungsten World will ship a free ring sizer anywhere in the world, so I’d recommend going that route if you’re thinking about buying a ring from them.

J has noticed that the ring has not scratched while working on his ship. When J goes up and down the ladder well, he grasps the metal rails. Although the digital camo ring gets banged on the rails and other metal objects, it hasn’t gotten scratched and has maintained its shape. The photos I’m posting really don’t do the ring justice. The pattern is very detailed, and the ring is very shiny.

Digital camo tungsten ring- Find it on My Life: A Work in Progress

Other sailors on his ship have noticed J’s ring. At first they usually think it’s dirty, until they get up close and see the pattern. Then they’re all impressed with the digi pattern. One of J’s co-workers has a camo tungsten ring with a digital print, but it has a blue inlay. That co-worker actually likes J’s ring better than his own!

You can take a look at the Tungsten World inventory HERE. They offer a 5 percent discount for military. Click HERE for more info.

Do you like tungsten rings? What’s your favorite pattern?

Note: We received a complimentary ring to review. The opinions are my own (or my husband’s!) and may differ from yours.

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Review: NYNE NB-200 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker #holidaygiftguide2013

NYNE NB-200 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with bike clips review

I was thrilled to receive the NYNE NB-200 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with bike clips to review. The timing was perfect, since Hubby and I had just purchased bicycles for ourselves and a bike seat for Baby J. Not only that, but a friend had asked if I’d like to ride with her in a 30-mile charity event in the spring. With all the riding and training I’ll be doing now, the speaker will come in really handy.

About and Our Experiences:

I’m not going to give you all the dimensions and specs for the NYNE NB-200 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, because I think it’s easier for you to just click on the link and check out the site’s description of the speaker. But I will say the speaker has a built-in microphone with noise cancellation, so you can pair it to your phone and talk with someone hands free. Also, the speaker is compatible with smart phones, BlackBerry, iPhones, iPods, and iPads. It comes with a USB charging cable, so you can charge it from your laptop or desktop. We also have a USB/wall adaptor (I don’t think that’s the technical term, sorry) that we can use with it. The battery lasts us around five hours, which, according to their website, is the average.

NYNE NB-200 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with bike clips review

I can easily pick the speaker up and hold it in my hand, but it’s still large enough that it can blast sound, if I want it to. The sound quality is great! It’s very clear and crisp. Even hubby was impressed by the sound. He also liked that it includes a little bag to keep the speaker from getting scratched. The bag’s not padded, though, so it won’t keep the speaker from breaking if dropped.

About that…sooooo I did actually drop the speaker on cement outside, but it didn’t smash into pieces, thankfully! It still works as well as before. I’m not planning on dropping it again to continue to test my theory, but it seems quite sturdy.

My favorite part about this speaker would have to be the bike clips. The speaker is definitely for more than just bicycles; in fact, as I’m sitting on my bed typing this, the speaker is next to me, playing music from my iPhone. BUT the fact that I can attach it to my bike is pretty cool. I followed the instructions to attach it, and the process was easy. I can actually leave the clips on my handlebars and just slide the speaker off of the clips when I want. This is nice if I want to leave my bike outside of a store or next to the playground. I can take the speaker off and put it in my purse or diaper bag. Then since the clips are already attached to the bike, the speaker is easy to get back on.

NYNE NB-200 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with bike clips review
Back of speaker
NYNE NB-200 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with bike clips review
Speaker removed from clips

This speaker will actually attach to strollers, but the area it attaches to has to be the same size as bike handlebars or smaller (in my experience). I tried it on three different strollers- a light weight stroller, a regular stroller, and a jogging stroller. The foam grips that come on most stroller handlebars are too wide for the bike clips to fit over. I was able to attach the speaker to the lightweight stroller, but it was further down by the seat. My son actually loved that. The other night we went for a walk around our local lake. I played an “Owl City” album from my iPod, and Baby J just chilled out and listened to the music while he walked. His little feet were kicking away, “dancing.” If I want him to sleep, I play some lullaby tracks. I’m determined to find other areas of his strollers to attach this speaker, especially the jogging stroller for my runs, so check back in a couple of weeks, and I’ll update this post!

NYNE NB-200 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with bike clips review
The only thing I don’t like about the speaker is the little tabs on the bike clips seem flimsy. Every time I remove the speakers from the clips, I’m afraid I’m going to break the tabs. I’m being really careful though. It’s been a few weeks of use, and so far so good!

All in all, it’s a great little speaker. If you’re going to spend anytime on a bicycle, or pushing a stroller, or if you’re just looking for a lightweight, portable wireless speaker with quality sound, I recommend checking out the NYNE NB-200 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker.

If you’re a military family, you can now find this speaker as well as other NYNE speakers at AAFES! The NYNE NB-200 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is also available on (affiliate link>Amazon. Find them on Facebook and Twitter for updates and giveaways.

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