I didn’t screw up dinner tonight! So I’m really awesome.

And that is always an awesome thing. Hubby looks so dubiously at me sometimes while I’m cooking that it’s nice to produce something not only edible but delectable. 😉 It was lasagna. You may be thinking, “It’s impossible to screw up lasagna.” But if you think that, you do not realize how terrible of a cook I am. In fact, before I got married I determined to not learn how to cook. I avoided it completely. After all, I was an emancipated woman. *sigh* Annnd here I am…a stay-at-home mommy (SAHM) and wife. At least I can always hold to the fact that I’m a decent shot with a grenade launcher. I’m fairly certain the majority of SAHMs can’t say that. Can you feel the awesomeness I ooze?


Yeah, that’s me…being AWESOME. Yeah, that’s not a grenade launcher.

Okay, time to be serious. *snort* Anyone else out there addicted to Words with Friends? When I first started playing, I must’ve been having beginner’s luck, because I was trouncing people, but lately…not so much. I blame it on Mr. Stinky Pants. When I started teaching high school, I got stupider. My flawless English syntax and etymological skill disappeared within a few months. The longer I taught, the worse it got. For example, I didn’t used to use the word “got” all the time. It’s a terrible word! Ugh! And then I got pregnant. And then my brain got even dumber. Now I have to use the dictionary to look up the spellings of even simple words. I thought my intelligence would return after I gave birth, but it’s not happening.

Also, Mr. Stinky Pants gave me gray hairs.

Am I alone here? Who’s with me???

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