Review: SUPPORi baby sling

SUPPORI LOGOI’m so excited about the product I’m reviewing today! I love my SUPPORi sling! 

The award-winning SUPPORi baby sling by the Lucky Company is one of the top-selling baby carriers in Japan.

Features of the SUPPORi sling:

  • Safety and security
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Ease of use
  • Lightweight
  • Cool
  • Trendy

The SUPPORi sling fits babies that can sit up on their own through toddlers at 28lbs. Made with triple-stitch technology, the SUPPORi molds around the baby’s shape. If you use as directed, the SUPPORi sling can be used over time with multiple children, making it a good investment for families.

It holds babies in a natural position against their parents, providing comfort and security. It’s also designed to alleviate pain and stiffness caused by babywearing. Most conventional baby carriers concentrate the baby’s weight on the trapezius and rhomboid muscles. The SUPPORi is designed for you to carry your baby’s weight on the deltoid- a stronger muscle than the trapezius and rhomboid.

The one piece SUPPORi sling is easy to put on and place your baby in.

How to use the SUPPORi

A medium-sized SUPPORi weighs less than 3 oz! It’s small enough to fold or roll up and place in your pocket. Made with extremely durable, triple-stitched, knitted yarn, the sling doesn’t retain heat.

You have plenty of choices when it comes to colors. It currently comes in 15 colors, and there’s even a patriotic special edition red, white, and blue SUPPORi!

USA special edition SUPPORi

Our Experiences:

When I measured myself, I was a little concerned about the sizing, since I fell in between two letters. I ended up going with the smaller sling, because I knew it was important for the sling to be tighter rather than looser, and it’ll stretch anyways. I shouldn’t have worried- it fits perfectly!

It takes less than a minute for me to put on my SUPPORi. It’s so simple to use.

I use my SUPPORi every single day, even in our home. It’s incredibly convenient to use when I need a little extra support to carry my son distances, or he’s being clingy and wants to be held. When we shop, he usually starts out in the shopping cart, but at some point, he’s tired of it. I whip the SUPPORi out of the diaper bag, pull it on, and we’re ready to go. I’ve used it for walks, at the mall, at church, restaurants, and all sorts of stores. Yesterday my son had a fever and did not want me to put him down. Well, our soft carrier was in my car in the complex parking lot, and it was just easier for me to grab our SUPPORi out of the diaper bag and use it nestle him close.

Baby J grins when I pull the SUPPORi out, because he knows it’s snuggle time!

Shopping at Target
Shopping at Target
Going for a walk outside
Going for a walk outside

It’s not hands-free, obviously, but Baby J is secure enough in it that I can take my hand off him for brief moments if needed. At home, I’ve done laundry and even a little cooking with him in it! The sling nestles Baby J in a very comforting position against my side and under my arm, and he loves it.

Also, it really is comfortable. After about an hour’s use, my shoulder starts to feel a little strained, but it’s not bad enough even then that I try to change it. Around two hours is when I usually switch it to the other side. With our expensive soft carrier (cost 3xs as much as the SUPPORi!), I start to feel a little strained after 20 minutes!

The only thing that I don’t like about it, is that it leaves red marks on Baby J’s thighs, if he’s only wearing a diaper. Note that I don’t know if the red marks actually hurt him. I mean, diapers leave red marks on his legs and waist, and my underwear leaves red marks on me, and I’m never in pain. But just in case, I only use the sling if he’s in shorts or pants. If it sounds like I’m trying to convince you to buy one- I am! I seriously LOVE mine! I feel really “cool” and “trendy” while wearing it too. The SUPPORi may not be perfect for every situation and everyone, sure, but I love mine. Have I mentioned that already? 😉 I only wish I’d known about this sling when Baby J was younger, so I could’ve started using it when he was sitting up.

To learn more about the SUPPORi and to buy your own, visit Lucky Baby World. The SUPPORi is also sold on other baby retail sites and prices vary.

Note: I received a complimentary SUPPORi baby sling from Lucky Baby World in exchange for my honest opinion. The opinions reflected above are my own and may differ from yours.

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  1. This is going on my wish list! It sounds like it would be a lot easier to use and easier to carry. I love my Ergo, but it’s bulky and hard to carry when baby is not in it – i.e. can’t just stick it in the diaper bag 🙂 Glad you found this!

  2. Excellent note to make sure baby’s wearing clothes to avoid irritation. This looks fantastic and I’m passing it along to my daughter in law who is due early summer. Thanks!

  3. Those are neat, but I think it would be back breaking for me. However I know several people who have something like them and love them! If my back wasn’t so bad I would probably felt differently.

    1. As long as the baby can sit up on his or her own, and you have a nice snug fit, then it’ll work well. It stretches, so as the baby grows, it’ll continue to fit!

  4. Seriously, after trying it with the little guy, if we have another baby, this tops my list of things I want to get. It’s so much more comfortable and easy to carry around than the Bjorn. My husband likes that one, but my back goes numb while wearing it.

  5. So glad you had success with this. I tried another sling and it just didn’t work. I was so disappointed. Maybe she’s just not big enough yet. She has a little more head control but just not enough yet.
    Thanks for visiting my site and making a comment about the kale chips. I’ll have to try your version of them! Lovely new site you have here. So pretty!! 🙂

  6. I have just purchased one and I love the idea of it but it cuts in on my shoulder and bubs legs. Did you have this problem? Not sure if it’s
    Just the sling or if I need a bigger size?

    1. Hi Jess, thanks for commenting. Mine doesn’t cut in, no. When I’m wearing a tank top, and if Baby J’s wearing short shorts…the SUPPORi sometimes leaves marks for a while, but it’s never caused a sore. The marks are equivalent to elastic marks- red but doesn’t actually hurt. You may want to contact SUPPORi about switching out the size.

      Sorry that happens! I love our SUPPORi. It gets used more than any other baby carrier we have, and I keep tweeting about it with photos, because…yeah, I really love the thing. =D

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