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Altrient, a company known for its high-performance nutrients, sent me their products to review and then share my experiences with you!

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The story behind Altrient is fascinating. Cindy Nachman, the CEO of Altrient, founded the company after her husband’s nearly-fatal experience with heart disease. At one point, he was so very ill that conventional doctors suggested a heart transplant. Instead, they began to research holistic and unconventional medicine, and Cindy’s husband began treatments under two such doctors in California. His treatments included high doses of vitamin C (a natural antibiotic) administered through IVs. His health improved and continues to improve.

Vitamin C became a self-proclaimed “obsession” for Cindy, and she desired to bring those healing powers to everyone. The problem is that massive doses of vitamin C taken orally through a pill usually causes diarrhea. In addition, only a miniscule amount of the vitamin is actually absorbed into the bloodstream. The average American cannot afford intravenous vitamin C treatments. Cindy turned to Liposomal Encapsulation Technology (LET) as a solution. I’m not sure I can explain LET without copying word-for-word from the Altrient Web site, so it’s better that you visit there and read it yourself! The point is to create a “liposome encapsulated molecule” that is absorbed right before the small intestines. The LET science has been around since the 1970s and drug companies use it to target certain body organs. To read more of the story, click HERE.

Altrient Me and CI received both Altrient C and Altrient ME, a vitamin B complex that dispenses energy without the means of caffeine or sugar. Each box contains 30 little packets, and each packet contains the vitamins in a gel form. Simply tear the package and squeeze the Altrient into a cold beverage of your choice. To enter the bloodstream more quickly, Altrient C and Altrient ME should be taken on an empty stomach, but you can eat as soon as 15 minutes afterwards. Since Altrient products don’t contain sugar, caffeine, or gluten, they are suitable for Paleo, Zone, and Vegan diets.

My Experiences:

A quick Internet search will bring you to reviews and testimonials of athletes and fitness gurus that have incorporated Altrient C into their lifestyles. However, Cindy believes that many moms out there (the non-athlete kind, like me) are searching for a high dosage vitamin C product to stay healthier. She’s right! I was almost never ill the ten years I lived in Florida, but I’ve weathered several colds now this winter in Virginia. Neither Baby J or I were vaccinated against the flu this season, so I’ve been looking for natural ways to boost our immune systems.

I wish that I’d taken the Altrient C daily after I received it, but, frankly, I forgot. I ended up with a mild cold. What was interesting is that I woke up with a sore throat, and as the day progressed, my throat hurt more. I took Altrient C and within an hour, the pain was gone. Was it a placebo affect or did it really work? I don’t know. But the pain was gone. That’s enough to make me take this product faithfully and definitely immediately when I start to feel an illness come on.

I think the Altrient ME really worked to give me an extra boost of energy to keep going and get things done. I’m a caffeine addict, and I didn’t get the jittery rush I get with coffee or espresso, but that’s only a good thing! Altrient claims you won’t get the typical post caffeine “crash” with their Altrient ME product. I’d say that’s accurate for me. I felt tired eventually, but it wasn’t complete exhaustion.

Both products you’re supposed to take on an empty stomach and then wait before eating. I was concerned I would be nauseated, but I haven’t had that issue.

Now for the not as good stuff- it tastes like…vitamins. Yup, not so yummy. Remember, it’s sugar-free, and it’s not water-soluble. I’d recommend taking it with juice, a flavored sports drink, or flavored water. I have figured out the trick of drinking Altrient with regular water (no flavoring). Since olfactory senses affect taste, I plug my nose internally (just holding it with one hand didn’t work for me) and swig the water down like a shot. I barely taste the Altrient this way.

Altrient C

You can purchase both Altrient products on their website for $39.95 per 30 packets. Visit them on Facebook and Twitter for tips to staying healthy.

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Note: I received complimentary products from Altrient for review purposes. I was not otherwise compensated for this post except for receiving a free link on the giveaway form.. The products reviewed above are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Some specific statements made by Altrient regarding their product have not been evaluated by the FDA. The opinions reflected above are my personal opinions and may differ from your opinions and the opinions of others.  Love2EncourageYou and My Life: A Work in Progress are not responsible for sponsor prize shipment.

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