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My hubby’s home early from work! Well, school. His ship’s in the yards for upgrades until next winter when they start sea trials for their next deployment and move to Spain. In the meantime, he has several Navy schools to attend. The next couple of weeks, they’re having shorter days at his current school. He’s going to use his free time to help me get things put away from our move in April. We still have boxes we haven’t unpacked. It was a crazy time. I moved here; J came home from deployment; the baby was born. All of that in a 3-week period, and then J was gone for another 5 weeks. Once we get the boxes cleared away in the second bedroom, J’s going to put the crib up. Another nice thing about him getting home earlier this week and next (I hope) is he can watch the baby during my phone interviews.

I’m working on a big article for an Army Reserve sustainment command. They’re getting ready to deploy again to Afghanistan. I was with them in 2009, so I’m familiar with the information I’m writing about. I’ve had 3 interviews so far over the last couple of days with a 4th in about 40 minutes. This piece is going to be a lot of work, but it is fun to get back into writing again.

Here’s my update on cloth diapers: I tried the prefold again. This time, I adapted my own roll to fit baby J, and it seems to work better. I haven’t tried it against a BM yet, just pee. He’s having a growth spurt, so his daily explosions have diminished while his body uses up everything. Either I have to get a lot better at rolling prefolds, or I need to sew them into fitted diapers. There’s no way I can fold/roll these onto baby J when he’s older and squirmier. I’m finally getting a sewing machine (hallelujah!), so I’m going to attempt making fitted diapers. I’m taking my inspiration from the Green Mountain workhorse fitted diapers. They’ve basically taken their own highly-rated prefold diapers, and sewed them into fitted diapers. They’re a great price, but I figure if I can get it done correctly, I can sew them myself for virtually nothing.

Hubby’s starting to come around in regards to cloth diapering…I think. I’ve been showing him charts on the cost effectiveness of cloth diapering. The truth is that cloth diapering CAN cost a lot of money up front. But over additional years (and especially additional children), you save money…a LOT of money.

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Diaper Junction Giveaway

Diaper Junction seems to always have good deals on cloth diapers and supplies. What I really like about them is the wealth of information I’ve found on their site. It doesn’t hurt that they do weekly giveaways, which is more than I can say about most suppliers. Check out this week’s giveaway and try to win yourself a Swaddlebees Capri Cloth Diaper Cover and Insert two pack:


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Fussy baby

Well, it’s been a few days since I’ve posted. Nothing eventful has happened. The baby’s been his usual adorable but clingy self. Right now, he’s quite fussy. I’m looking forward to another month or two when he’s finally big enough to enjoy his walker and Jumperoo. I put him in the walker today, and he immediately did a face plant in the hard plastic toy bar at the front of the walker. Oops. That kid has a big, heavy head. The Jumperoo seems to work better for him, but he’s still too small to reach some of the toys and ends up extremely frustrated. Last night we bought the play tray for the Boppy, hoping that would keep him from falling forward. I don’t know why he does this, but every time I put him in the Boppy, he would keep leaning forward until he was practically out of it. I don’t know if he was going after his toes or what. So I tried with the play tray today, and he immediately started screaming. Nothing is a satisfactory substitute for mommy’s arms, apparently.  

I discovered yesterday that our local Walmart is one of the few select stores that carries Mabu baby diapers. They’re basically an all-in-two cloth diaper. For around 30 bucks (if I remember correctly), you get two diapers, two washable inserts, two disposable inserts, and a few liners. Assuming they are good quality (and I have to check some more reviews), that’s a very good price for all-in-twos. Right now, I’m surfing on Amazon for a wet diaper pail liner. The baby’s fussing though, so we’ll see how that goes. He’s tired, but not sleeping.

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