Starbucks iced coffee and my experience with ordering from China

First, let me say that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these individual iced coffee packets from Starbucks! If you buy them from Walmart, they come out to about $1.25 per glass + plus whatever you pay for any cream or sugar you add. It still adds up when you drink at least one every day, I know. My friend sent me a post recently about how to cold brew iced coffee, so one of these days when I get the time (yeah right!), I’m going to check it out and see how to do it. Next… normally I’d be concerned about ordering anything from China, but I’d read a lot of reviews about the Alva Baby cloth diapers company, and they were mostly positive. Their diapers are by far the cheapest I’ve come across ($5.99 for an AI2 and free shipping!), so I ordered one today to see if I like them. The site was a bit of a nightmare to order from. It was, possibly, user error. I’ll admit that. Oh, I want to add that I’m all for buying American, but let’s be honest…Americans are never going to sell a cloth diaper for $5.99, because we won’t work for 10 cents an hour! Military families do NOT have a lot of money, unless the service member is high-ranking. So I’ll order from China with no qualms, thank you very much.

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Diaper Junction Giveaway-Fuzzi Bunz

This week Diaper Junction is giving away two Fuzzi Bunz Pocket Diapers! The winner of this contest will be able to choose two Fuzzi Bunz Pocket Diapers of their choice off the Web site. One of these days I hope to win this contest, but I’ll be honest…I never win anything! 🙁 But someone has to right? You may be one of the lucky ones! I have yet to try Fuzzi Bunz cloth diapers, but I’ve heard excellent things about them from many moms. You have 5 days enter, so check it out and enter as soon as possible! Click below for the site:

Diaper Junction Giveaway- Fuzzi Bunz

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Why I’m glad I own a gun

If there is ever a zombie apocalypse… you might want to come to my place. I wouldn’t say we exactly have an arsenal, but my husband and I strongly believe in our right as citizens to bear arms. Events such as the latest mass shooting at the Dark Knight showing early this morning confirm that to me. I’m so thankful that I and my husband can protect ourselves and our baby. You can’t ever think that it won’t happen to you. I used to think that. Then one morning while I was in Afghanistan, someone asked, “Hey, did you hear what happened at Fort Hood?” My brother was at Fort Hood. There were thousands of Soldiers stationed there, but I still had this sinking feeling of horror in my gut. My fears were justified. He was there at that mass shooting. Praise God, each time Hasan shot at my brother he missed. But my brother will carry the horrific memory of that massacre for the rest of his life and the feeling that he couldn’t stop it. He tried to stop it, and he did save lives. I think he was a hero. You never heard about him because the military issued a “gag order.” He couldn’t stop it because he wasn’t carrying his own gun. You can say what you want about guns killing people and that you think gun control is necessary, blah blah blah…but when my husband is gone to sea, I sleep peacefully at night with the comfort of knowing that if someone breaks through my door, they’ll meet my 12-gauge.

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